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Lawn care services for residential and commercial spaces

A beautiful lawn makes all the difference in your home.  However, until it is done by a professional company for residential and commercial lawn care services, it can sometimes look drab despite you employing your best efforts.  Our full-fledged lawn care team provides top-notch services to make sure that your lawn is always blooming and that your grass is in perfect health all the time.

We have a full and affordable package for lawn care services in Lake Charles, Sulphur LA and surrounding areas.  It includes mowing the lawn, taking care of the weeds around the trees in the lawn and around the posts as well as the fence, and also edging and trimming around the pavements, walkways, and patio.

Get regular lawn maintenance services in Lake Charles, Sulphur LA

We offer weekly and monthly lawn maintenance services in Lake Charles, Sulphur LA and surrounding areas that include mowing, leaf blowing and edging.  We know everything that your lawn needs to look awesome and as unique as possible. Whether it is a full-sized lawn for a detached house, small garden spaces for an apartment complex, or a huge commercial lawn for a corporate building, we will dispatch a great lawn care team to your job.

We offer lawn care services for industrial centers, shopping malls, hotels, department and other stores, municipalities, parks, recreational centers, condos, office complexes, schools, universities, apartments and even medical buildings and hospitals.

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Additional services for your lawn

We will lime-treat your soil to neutralize its acidity and make it healthier for growing grass.  The lawn care team that we will dispatch to your lawn may have to take some samples to determine what your soil needs.  Mostly, we seek to increase phosphorus and calcium and decrease the amounts of manganese and iron in the soil.

We also offer soil aeration as part of our lawn care services, to increase oxygen penetration into  the soil. Through aeration we can ensure that enough nutrients get to the roots of the plants. This is one of the ways to ensure healthy root growth.

Call 337-313-3002 for more information about our lawn care services.  We can out-do other lawn maintenance services company in quality and value for money.  Contact us today.

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