Insect, Exterior Pest, and Weed Control

Taking the guesswork out of selecting weed killer for lawns

We offer our customers the best fertilization, exterior insect and pest control measures, and weed killer for lawns. Our expert team brings you decades of combined experience in lawn maintenance services. Once we’ve evaluated the types of weeds that plague you, we determine the best weed management and elimination strategy and apply the necessary weed killer treatment. Believe it or not, if left to thrive, weeds will steal all the resources from your grass, shrubs and trees.

If not used correctly, weed killers for lawns can kill your grass too. It could turn back on you and leave you with more damage than you imagined.

Our weed killer for lawns is selected after careful evaluation of and past knowledge and experience of the weeds that have and could take root in your garden.

We offer year round weed control, lawn fertilizer services and general lawn maintenance services to keep your lawn looking fresh, rejuvenated, and healthy throughout the year. This planned approach keeps new weeds from encroaching your lawn.

Our 6-step year-round lawn care program includes applications of pre and post-emergent application, fertilizer, granular weed control, insecticide, potassium, and iron. We also conduct soil testing and soil aeration to ensure that your yard gets exactly what it needs and isn’t bombarded with unnecessary applications. All our different fertilization regimen and treatments are carefully planned based on the season.

Let us help you take the guesswork out of the weed killer for lawns selection. You can rest assured that we will get you the best that your money can buy and the health of your lawn will be top-notch!

Exterior Insect and Pest Control Measures

Our treatment services include turf and ornamental pest and insect control services. We will help get rid of common lawn diseases and instill preventive measures to keep insects and pests away.

If your lawn has become a breeding zone for insects, fleas, and moles, get in touch with us immediately. Moles will eat the roots of your plants and create burrows which will cause the earth to collapse. Fleas will spread to your pets, to your person and eventually to your indoors. And then you will never have a peaceful night. Insects that infest your plants and trees spread disease and can destroy your vegetation.

Not to worry though because at Tender Care Lawn Service, we have a team of experts that knows the insects, types of moles, and fleas that are common to southwest Louisiana. For a price that you can well afford, we are the lawn care company that not only has the best weed killer for lawns, but the best insect exterminator as well.

Many lawn owners are unaware of the underground and surface insects and pests that do damage to your garden. They should be handled because they cause more harm than good. With our lawn maintenance services, we not only eradicate the pests, but we also do what is known as perimeter control, to create a buffer zone that protects your lawn from the neighbor’s insects and pests.

Call 337-313-3002 for the best, most reputable weed killer for lawns. We also provide lawn insect control and pest control solutions, in addition to other lawn and landscape services.