New Landscape Installations

Custom landscape solutions for builders

We also offer landscape solutions for builders and home construction companies.  We go out of our way to understand your project so that we can create a balance between your project and our landscape designs.

One of the most important things that we know about construction companies is the value of your time and therefore we send a full-fledged team of expert landscape designers.  We can assure you that we will finish the job on time and within budget.

If you are a home construction company, call us today and tell us what you need.  It takes more than a few scattered trees and bushes to sell your homes.  From curb appeal, to grass, gardens and many other features, our new landscape installations will leave nothing to chance.

We will not only draw the landscape designs for you in color or in black and white, but we also assure you that we can install what we design.  We will design and install great landscape solutions for any construction company in southwest Louisiana.

Why TCLS Is The Ideal Company for Landscape Solutions

There are no two ways about it.  Your outdoor space should have lush vegetation that makes you feel tranquil every time you’re there.  It should help you connect and truly be one with nature.

If your outdoor space is not inviting, you probably need a landscape makeover with the appropriate landscape solutions.  At Tender Care Lawn Service we have the landscape solutions that can help you to revamp your outdoor space.

Don’t believe us?  Check our testimonials left by homeowners, commercial clients, and new home builders that we’ve served before.

Custom landscape solutions for homes and commercial spaces

With TCLS, you are assured that we’ll turn your dream landscape idea into reality.  Yes, like something that popped out of a lifestyle magazine! We believe that your outdoor space should reflect your unique taste and personality.  That’s why we take time to help you visualize your ideal space and then we create it and give it life.

Our expert team including our licensed horticulturists will take time to get to know what you want so that we create an outdoor space that you’ll love to spend time in.

We also offer hardscape services like rock bed installation, redoing existing landscape beds, installing water features and lawn lighting, and more.

We follow through with the work until you have a great landscape for your outdoor space, just as you’d imagined.

Our certified horticulturists have intimate knowledge of plants – from the selection of the plants that are perfect for the region to what size a plant will achieve in its adulthood.  We know what to plant where, how to nurture it until it grows, and most importantly, we listen to you to tell us what you think your customers would love. Call us for our rates for homebuilders.

Know what to expect with our landscape solutions

At TCLS, we provide our clients with sketches so that they can have an idea of how the finished outcome will look like.

With sketches, you’re able to visualize the space and are able to tweak and make changes to the new landscape installations that you may not like.  Doing this is important both for us and our clients so that they are able to have spaces they helped build. Any adjustment is also made at the design level before the actual new landscape installations are done.

Being in the industry for a while has also made us make valuable partnerships with other players in the industry.  With such relationships, we know the newest trends and technologies, which we are able to leverage when providing our clients with great landscape solutions.

As a lawn care services company, we go out of our way to satisfy our residential and commercial customers, as well as new home builders.

To get an estimate on your landscaping project, contact us on 337-313-3002 or email us.  We also have a variety of landscape services and solutions like grass cutting services, weed killing, and lawn fertilization.
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