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Rain and Floods: Dealing with water damaged lawns

March 11, 2020
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Rain is a beautiful thing! It’s the life-giving liquid, allowing nature to thrive, giving us fragrant flowers, juicy vegetables, and tall grass. If all is working well with your landscape grading and drainage, that’s what you can expect. However, if you’ve got a pool you didn’t pay for that seems to have moved in like an unwelcome guest, you need to have us look into a landscape grading and drainage solution.
If you look at the weather for this week, it looks like we’ve got a flood warning. Flooded lawns can be a big deal and cause unforeseen long term damage to your yard.
When water pools for long periods of time it can create mosquito breeding grounds and kill the grass. Yes, grass can drown. Heavy silt covers the grass. If the grass survives, you need to watch out for buildup of sediment which could lead to weeds, fungal diseases, and other growth.
Here in Louisiana the warm temperature is literally a killer for flooded lawns as it blocks off the light and oxygen.
Once again, if proper grading was done and drainage installed, hopefully the damage should be minimal.
It could take days or weeks but you’ll need the water to go down enough for a landscape and drainage specialist to review the land. The team at Tender Care Lawn Services is well versed in the different aspects of landscaping, grading, irrigation, and drainage. Our team uses a planned approach to ensure that your landscape is evaluated and issues addressed effectively.

  1. Our team will walk your yard looking for objects that may have been brought in from other areas like trash, sharp objects, etc.
  2. We’ll clear large leaves and level out the silt, giving the grass underneath access to that wonderful sun above and the oxygen it so badly needs at this point.
  3. Depending on how much soil has been deposited from other areas of the yard or elsewhere, we’ll need to remove as much of what doesn’t belong by filling in ruts, holes, levelling, or even re-grading.
  4. Once the damage has been repaired, we’ll assess the soil and grass for nutrients so you know that your lawn will thrive and flourish once more.

The key to this is patience. Just remember the sun always shines, and where there’s another day, there’s a way.

Call Tender Care Lawn Services at 337-313-3002 if you see pooling in your yard.  Our team will handle all your landscape grading and drainage by levelling out your yard, cleaning it up for you, and assessing your lawn for other potential problems.