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Tree Decoration Ideas and Safety Tips by Expert Lake Charles Landscaping Services

October 22, 2019


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Holiday time is decoration time. Once October sets in, the mind of the homeowner shifts to decoration gear, well, at least that is what happens in Southwest Louisiana. This is also the time that Sulphur and Lake Charles landscaping services providers get calls and emails from clients asking for information about decorating their trees with lights, their porches, their gardens and so on. If you are getting ready to decorate for Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas and you do not know where to start, call us on 337-313-3002 for professional assistance.
You can have decoration lights on your trees throughout the year if you like. However, the most important times to have them is during winter when the nights are really dark and the home looks like it needs some cheer on the exterior. Whatever you do, you do not want to hang lights on a trial and error basis. You want to be sure of what you are doing. Thankfully, landscape maintenance services can help with this.
While the basic concept of lawn lighting is to make it ornamental, it is also very functional. They light up the paths in the garden and yard, which by the way, receives a lot of foot traffic during the holidays. These lights contribute a lot to keeping everyone safe. However, unless they are installed by a professional, the same lights that you intend to ensure safety can become a hazard themselves.

Tree decoration and lighting ideas to try

Turns out there is much more that you can do with your string lights, apart from hanging them on trees. Here are some popular ideas for holiday decorations with lights:

Christmas tree topped with 5-pointed star

This is very common. First, you have a simple frame and a stake to hold the Christmas tree in place. Actually, the light frame is staked to the ground to keep the Christmas tree stable. At the apex of the tree, there is a five-pointed star. It has purple and white lights. The rest of the body is decorated with blue, orange, red and green blinking lights. The lights are placed on either side of the driveway to guide you home in the Christmas spirit.

Meteor shower lights

When done correctly, these string lights strung up a tree make your garden look like a piece of the galaxy scenes that you can only catch on Star Trek. They bring a lot of beauty to your yard. If you have a slanted tree, use it to string these lights up. You can use this lighting design in two ways:

  • Place it in the most beautiful part of the garden where it can light up the things you want the guests to see
  • Station it in a bald patch where you want to draw all attention from all other parts of the garden and direct it to the meteor shower lights

You can hang these lights on anything that stands. You can even hang them on the fence and the effect will be stunning.

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Holographic rope light in palm tree design

Bring a touch of the coast to your yard by using palm tree decoration. The palm tree designs stand on a stable base made of metal so there is no danger of toppling over. The design of the palm tree is simple, just four or five palm leaves and a slim trunk will do. You can have lights with a brownish tinge snaking around the trunk and green blinking lights for the leaves. It will create an outstanding effect and landscape maintenance services can help you choose the best palm trees.

White Maple tree lit up with LED lights

This white maple tree can stand on your walkway for the entire year and you can keep it up every night if you want. Specifically, this maple tree should be decorated with 264 LED lights, but the number can differ from time to time. With 3 color options for your lights, you can choose something different for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. The Maple tree is designed with a heavy metal base, so it will not topple over.
Please note that these are just four of many ornamental lighting styles. These are simple and their design has the desired effect. However, always have our professional Sulphur and Lake Charles landscaping services teams do these lights for you for safety and functionality.

Safety tips in the yard  – Let professionals install your decorating lights

Only professional Lake Charles landscaping services should do your holiday decorations, for safety reasons. Disregard for safety can lead to many hazards, including electrocution. If you have kids and pets, you should be even more careful.

Safety starts with the selection of the lights

At TCLS, we take safety very seriously. We consider safety every step of the way. For example, we select the best lights, and ensure that they are in perfect condition before hanging them. We not only install the lights, but when the holiday seasons are over, we uninstall them and store them, to wait for the next season.
If you will install the lights on a green tree, you want to be sure it is not too old, that is, you want to know how recently it was cut. Just give it a shake and if needles drop, it is almost dry. Once you bring the tree home, cut a few centimeters out of the tree and soak it in water so that it can drink up more. That way, it stays fresher longer.

Follow the instructions of the manufacturer

There can be no guesswork in the installation of decoration lights. You must follow the instructions of the manufacturer regarding the number of lights that you can plug in together, and so on. Since you also want to be careful with the lights so that you can use them again, you need expert assistance from Sulphur and Lake Charles landscaping services. Never pass wires under doors or carpets and most importantly, never overload your electrical sockets.

Only install lights that are in the best condition

Other safety measures when installing lights include checking keenly to ensure that the cabling and the lights are in good condition. Make sure there are no exposed wires. Because of the weather elements, electrocution is a serious risk if exposed wires get in contact with water.
If you will be hanging the lights on artificial trees, ensure that the trees are made of inflammable material. Also make sure that you do not use any combustible material in your mix.
Finally, always use the light gear for lighting. For example, outdoor lighting requires you to use Ground Fault Interrupters. In Sulphur and Lake Charles, we advise our clients to use LED lights because they are very efficient.


As you have seen here, there are so many things to take care of regarding safety in the yard. This is why there can be no guesswork in the installation of your decoration lights. When you hire our Sulphur and Lake Charles landscaping services team, we install the lights and we make sure they are in perfect working condition for as long as you desire to have them running. When the holidays are over, we uninstall them and keep them for future use. We guarantee 100 percent hazard-free installation and usage.

Call us on 337-313-3002 for Sulphur and Lake Charles landscaping services and installation of decoration lights for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.