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What Professional Service Providers for Landscaping In Lake Charles Advise about Pruning Trees in the Fall

September 30, 2019
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In the fall, our clients for landscaping in Lake Charles ask us whether it would be prudent for them to prune their trees. If you are in the same predicament, call us on 337-313-3002 today. We will check your trees to determine if they should be pruned in the fall.
We can understand where this question comes from, because a lot of information on many resources says you should not. However, on investigating further, you will find that this seems to be a blanket condemnation.
You can prune many trees and shrubs in fall without putting them at risk of disease or harm. Because many resources tell you about the trees that you should not prune in fall, in this short post, we will show you the trees that you can prune with confidence.
In some situations, you can prune some parts of the tree in fall. For example, you can cut dead branches off. That will not affect the tree at all. However, if you are shaping the tree for spring, it would be better not to prune it unless it falls under the category of trees you can prune in fall.
The reason why you are told not to prune trees in fall is that some of them can ooze sap and the wounds will not close up. However, not all trees ooze sap. Such trees can be pruned in fall.
The fall season is the best for shaping up your plants as they prepare to go to “sleep” in winter and bloom in spring. At TCLS, we advise our clients to hire us for landscape management in Lake Charles, to look their plants over as soon as fall sets in.

Fall is perfect for pruning young trees

Fall is the right time for pruning your young trees. If you would like them to adopt a certain shape as they grow up, prune them in fall. You may also check whether there are any dead branches that need to be removed.
When compared side by side, native plants should be easier to prune in fall than exotic trees. For example, as we offer services for landscaping in Lake Charles, we advise our clients on the types of trees that they can prune.
They include the following:

American Beech

This tree is a native of Louisiana. It grows a foot each year, up until it reaches 60 feet and then it stops growing. If you have one in your home in Lake Charles or Sulphur, you can prune it in fall without fear. However, do not do it in the early days of fall. Rather, wait until the leaves have fallen off and then prune it. When it is young, pruning it in fall is going to help shape it into how you would like it to grow.

American Holly

Many people in Louisiana plant American Holly because it offers privacy. This shrub is dormant during the winter. Thus, pruning it in fall is considered safe, although you will get less flower coverage in the following blooming season.


As some of the hardiest trees that can withstand almost any conditions, maples add a nice touch in your garden in fall. Luckily, it is also possible to prune maples in fall. These trees can grow to a mature height of 80 feet. Despite their big size, they are still some of the best ornamental trees that you can plant in your home in Lake Charles.
We recommend that you trim maples in fall to get rid of the dead branches only. In February, you can start pruning the tree for shape enhancement. To prune the small branches, you can use a pair of shears. When cutting the bigger branches, use a pruning saw, but cut the branch at the base, just outside the collar. The reason for cutting this way is so that the wound can heal easily.

Red Haven Peach

These trees add a touch of beauty in any garden. While you are not supposed to prune them when the sap is still flowing, you can wait until the leaves have fallen off and then prune the dead branches.

Why you need pros in landscaping in Lake Charles for your fall tree care

The most important thing when pruning your trees in the fall is to cut the branches correctly, so that they can heal in good time. There can be no guesswork here. As one of the highest reputed providers of landscape management in Lake Charles and Sulphur, we’re here to help.
Call us and we will send a team of experts who can tell you which tree can be pruned in fall and which one cannot. We also have the right tools for the job, and know where to cut therefore getting the guesswork out of the picture. As we offer our services for landscaping in Lake Charles and Sulphur, we take care of individual plants in your home. We know how important pruning is to tree health and growth.
Call TCLS today on 337-313-3002 for landscaping in Lake Charles and Sulphur or to find out what trees you can prune in fall.