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Christmas Lights Installation By One of The Best Landscaping Companies in Lake Charles LA

September 14, 2019
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It will never be a complete Christmas if you do not have all the bells and whistles, you know, the lights! As one of the most outstanding landscaping companies in Lake Charles LA, we will help you decorate your home with lights, and get ready for Christmas.
We are your professional Christmas lights installation company in Lake Charles, LA. For years, we have been hanging lights for different occasions. We have a team that is very adept at installing Christmas lights and uninstalling them when the season is over. We are the lighting experts! In the spirit of the Christmas season, we will give your outdoors a new and festive look.
Before installation, we review your lights plan, unpack and set out your lights as per the design, and install them. What’s more is that come January or February, we take the lights down, and carefully repack them for storage until the next Christmas season. That is the beauty of the whole process, it’s managed and executed in an organized and safe way.

Our Christmas lights installation package

Our lights installation package is well thought out. It includes the following:

  • Designing and planning where to install the lights
  • Ensuring outdoor connections are available to support the design
  • Assisting in selecting the lights (if needed)
  • Installation of the lights
  • Takedown and storage of the lights by February

Giving a listening ear to our customers has made us the experts that we are. We listen and work with you every step of the way.
From the planning stage to the moment we test the lights, we engage you. It is your home and we understand that you want to celebrate Christmas in style, without having to worry about the outdoors. We believe you should have a say in how your lights are installed.
Christmas is family time. That’s why you should engage reliable Lake Charles landscaping services for your outdoor maintenance, and have a fun filled worry-free time with your family.

We do the best Christmas lights installation for our customers in Lake Charles

TCLS offers a full lights installation service. The most important part of this service is the design of the display. Whether you are a residential or commercial customer, you deserve a unique display that will stand out among the many lights in your neighborhood.
If you have an idea or concept in mind, tell us about it. We will transform it into a design. If this is your first time working with us at TCLS, you will barely recognize your house when we are done. We take customer satisfaction quite seriously since we rely on referral business a lot.
Once the design is finalized, we will install the lights. Whether you want a simple design or have something more elaborate in mind, we create an exceptional lights design for you.

We choose the best Christmas lights and materials

We know the best lights to install. Most of our customers for Lake Charles landscaping services find lights selection quite hard. We have the expertise as we have hung lights every year for many years, and we’re happy to share that with you. We will eliminate the guesswork and install the best lights befitting your house. We can make recommendations based on your house, yard, budget, preference, and design.
Get ready to be wowed.  While our team of experts installs the lights, you can rest assured that you’ve saved yourself the work and possible injuries that come with the high groundwork.

DON’T do a DIY installation – Call the experts at TCLS!

From September going into December, we get many calls from customers that are looking for landscaping companies in Lake Charles LA that offer Christmas lights design and installation. The reason they call us is because they have been referred to us, or we did their lights installation the past year.
While you may be tempted to do a DIY installation, ask yourself whether you are really ready for it. It involves the use of special equipment and expertise such as ladders, installation tools and materials, and electrical know-how which require training for safe use. There is also a lot of groundwork and labor involved. If  you’re unfamiliar with electrical wiring, mounting, or installations, or don’t have people to assist, it’s easy to risk an injury by underestimating the task. Having a team do your installation does away with the risk.
Installing the lights require an expert touch. It is easy to lose the symmetry and have everything go haywire just because of a small mistake. Save yourself the backache. Let us do the heavy work for you, while you prepare to celebrate with your family.
We ensure that your display will look spectacular and your home will shine. Our goal is to enable you to check this task off your list and focus on family and friends this holiday season.

Don’t risk your Christmas joy with poor lights installation – call us now!

Here in Lake Charles, Christmas is usually a very special time. Friends and family that we may not have seen in years visit during this time. The spirits are high and there are smiles of joy everywhere. TCLS amplifies this joy with excellent lights installation.
However, it takes just one failed strip of light to turn your mood from jovial to sombre immediately. Have a great Christmas season without the worry of lights not working, installation gone awry, or electrical failures. Let TCLS take on your outdoor lights installation.
By February, we will take down the lights and store them carefully to ensure that your lights have a longer life and that things aren’t packed away haphazardly leaving you with a convoluted mess to deal with next year.
TCLS is a family owned and operated business in Sulphur and Lake Charles LA, and we know how important the holidays are. It’s for this very reason that we offer services that are customer centric especially during the holidays and guarantee satisfaction.

Call TCLS, the best of Landscaping Companies in Lake Charles LA today on 337-313-3002 for a full christmas lights design, installation, and takedown service. Don’t miss out. Book your slot today.