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Our Sulphur and Lake Charles Lawn Service Includes Exterior Pest Control

August 12, 2019
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We have good news for all the residential clients of Tender Care Lawn Service. We are now offering exterior pest control services, on top of the Lake Charles lawn service that we already offer.
For some time, our clients have been asking why we cannot offer them a full package of lawn care and turf pest control, so that they do not have to look for a different exterior pest control service. We can assure them that we are now ready.
This is indeed a big step for us, but we are very ready for it. We will soon include turf and ornamental pest control in the package that we offer our residential clients in Lake Charles and Sulphur. We are going to remove the harmful insects from your lawn and then we are going to leave your lawn looking glamorous and appealing.

One-stop shop for Lake Charles lawn service and exterior pest control

TCLS intends to become the one-stop center for lawn care and turf pest control. We already have a team in place for this.
For people who might be wondering how well equipped we are to offer such a sensitive service as exterior pest control, they have nothing to worry about. We have the chemical control license that is required. To be licensed, we have been found meritable to offer this service and so at last, our clients for Lake Charles landscaping services can have a one-stop center for their lawn services.
We know all the common pests in Lake Charles. Thus, not only will we take care of the pest problem, but we will also advise our residential lawn care clients so that the pest problem does not recur. This means using chemicals that not only kill the pest but its eggs as well.
The chemical control license that we have fully allows us to perform all of your turf and ornamental pest control. However, we bring an extra touch to it because we are lawn care experts and therefore, we will offer ornamental and turf pest control as part of a bigger package.

Exterior pest control done by lawn care professionals

By controlling the schedule of both the lawn professionals and our chemical department we are able to uniquely provide the best schedule with the appropriate overlap time needed. This benefits our clients as we can spread the costs of the pest care service as well as the lawn. That way, you pay less for exterior pest control than you would pay if you would get a company that exclusively offers pest control services.
All of our routine applications are made on the outside of your home to prevent pest from ever getting in.
We will offer turf and ornamental pest control once a month. We plan to use the best products that are not harmful to the environment. We certainly would not want to use anything that will keep you from your home or that could be detrimental to your family and pets.
Our exterior pest control programs are going to keep your lawn pest-free year around. You already know that our packages for Lake Charles Lawn Service are designed to keep your curb looking stunning, land awn nicely manicured and neat. The addition of the exterior pest control service in the package will make your lawn more complete.

Billing for our turf pest control services

Our existing clients for lawn care services in Lake Charles LA know that we require their credit card on file. This helps us in charging them a day after mowing their lawn. We then update our portal with the latest information and transaction details so that our clients can find their transaction history with us by signing in to our portal.
When we do a turf and ornamental pest control job, we will charge your card the following day, same as we always do for lawn care services offered. We will then send you an email with the paid invoice. This invoice and others will be available on our portal so you can just login and access it if you need to. Most of our clients do print these invoices for tax purposes.
We can assure our clients that their identifiable information is safe with us. We take the same safety measures as any other company that processes credit cards.
If you have been having a pest problem in your lawn, be ready for the new package that we bring our Lake Charles lawn service clients. We will not enter your house or spray any structures but the pest mitigation measures that we will take will exterminate harmful bugs and insects, and their eggs, both in the lawn and subsequently in your home.

Call us on 337-313-3002 if you need more clarification about our upcoming exterior pest control service for Lake Charles lawn service clients or to schedule turf pest control services in Sulphur.