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Paying For Your Lawn Care and Landscaping in Lake Charles

August 6, 2019
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One of the questions that our new clients for landscaping in Lake Charles ask is how they can pay us. For security and convenience, we take credit card payments. At first, some clients want to step back a bit and think about it, but soon after, they can see the wisdom in choosing to do credit card processing.
To offer the best and most timely services for landscaping Lake Charles, we like to bill our customers in a convenient manner. All landscape services providers have the one objective of offering their customers the best service and charging them the best rates for it.
For our customers of lawn care Lake Charles, we accept payment via credit card. There are many reasons why we do this. However, the main one is that this is the most convenient way for our customers to pay us.
First, we would like to assure our customers that we use the latest security measures to encrypt their identifiable information. Your credit card data will never be accessed by unauthorized parties. The security measures that we have in place are the same as those that other companies that process credit cards leverage.  We ensure that we keep all our customer details safe and secure.

Invoicing after the job

We like to collect payment after completing a job because it is convenient for the customers and for us. Our existing customers are very comfortable with this arrangement. This way, not only are our customers assured that the job is done, but from a business perspective, it allows us to keep our business running smoothly, while our team focuses on our primary job – customer satisfaction.
We do credit card processing for our residential clients in Lake Charles. While some people may have concerns about this, we assure them that there is nothing to be afraid of.
First, we mow the lawn, or do whatever lawn care job we were retained to do. The following day, we charge the card, and create an invoice for the job. This paid invoice is emailed to the customer, if we have an email address on file.
We require all of our residential clients to have a credit card on file. This way, we can charge the card the next day instead of expecting on the spot cash payments or sending invoices for payments and subsequently payment reminders. It also makes administration work easier for our staff.
We can confidently say that processing credit cards for our landscaping Lake Charles residential clients is a win-win situation for them and us too.

Detailed customer records

After every job, we update our customer records in our file. We keep contact information, job history, invoices, and payment history records. From start to finish, we can follow their lawn maintenance history. We can also access all of their invoices for tax purposes.
Are our clients ever skeptical about giving their credit card details? Usually, just like everyone else, they are. However, they are convinced soon after. After all, this process is so convenient for recurring lawn care Lake Charles services.
We are always researching ways to enhance our services for landscaping Lake Charles. Processing credit card payments is one of them. It is so trouble-free for our customers and makes our administration work easier.

Call us on 337-313-3002 if you need more information regarding payment for our service for landscaping Lake Charles.