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Weekly vs. Bi-weekly Lake Charles Lawn Service

July 6, 2019
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Frequency, not price, should be the chief consideration for customers looking for professional Lake Charles lawn service.
One of the most frequently asked questions that we hear from our customers is what lawn and landscape maintenance plan is best for their home.
Usually, this comes down to two choices – weekly or bi-weekly lawn maintenance programs. Each has its benefits over the other. However, once a fortnight can be too long for you to keep your lawn in top-notch condition. That is why most lawn care services in Lake Charles LA advise customers to choose the weekly program.
The choice of either weekly or bi-weekly lawn maintenance service also comes down to the budget. Having a nice looking lawn throughout spring will be more than enough compensation for your budget.
There are many reasons to choose the weekly plan. In Southwest Louisiana, grass grows vigorously in spring and summer. In fact, some species of grass grow so fast such that they even outgrow the weekly maintenance plan, thus giving your lawn a bad hair day look. Just miss a single week and the growth will grow to unprecedented heights and shabbiness.

Why most people choose the weekly lawn maintenance plan

Just how much are we talking about here for the weekly grass-cutting plan? Not much really. You deserve a better-looking lawn every week, for just $60 more.
For weekly cuts, the cost is $45 per cut. Multiply that by four to get a monthly figure of $180.
For the bi-weekly cut, the cost will be $60 per cut, which makes it $120 per month. There is a difference of $60 between the two programs. For this $60 difference, your lawn can be the talk of the neighborhood or the hot topic at your HOA meeting, either for good or bad reasons.
When customers call TCLS to find out about our Lake Charles lawn service plans, most of them settle for the weekly programs. It is easy to see why, once you experience the extra vigorous growth that many grasses that do well in southwest Louisiana can present.
If you fertilized your lawn properly and watered it as advised, you will get the kind of luscious green that you have always yearned for. It is indeed possible to create a lawn that looks as if it just popped right out of a home improvement magazine.
Another aspect that you may not consider but which the lawn care company will consider is the amount of time it takes to mow the grass. The patch that you can spend 45 minutes to mow on a weekly program could require up to 75 minutes if you are dealing with two weeks of growth. Thus, if you were thinking that you would be saving the $60 per month, you have another thought coming. It is not gonna happen.

More frequent mowing enhances blade health

Good watering and fertilizing also means that you will experience fast growth and sometimes, you will even think that the once-a-week lawn care plan is not enough. Some of the grass such as Bermuda can look brownish or yellowish instead of green when they are not mowed right. This grass is very sensitive to poor mowing exercises.
This also applies to different types of grass. When you let them grow too long, it means that the mower will have to cut lower than necessary to get rid of the extra growth. This is not always a good thing because when you cut off more than 1/3 of the grass, you make the remaining blade susceptible to pest attacks, diseases and other ills. Thus, we advise that you should never cut off more than 1.25 inches of the grass.
Think then what happens when you let the grass to grow too long as you wait for two weeks to pass. It means that when the lawn care company you have contracted to do the job comes, they will still cut the recommended 1.25 inches of the grass blade.
However, that will not be enough because there are two weeks of growth. Here, two things can happen. First, they may leave your lawn looking badly done and irk you. Second, they will have to mow lower than recommended and expose your precious lawn to attacks.

Weekly or bi-weekly Lake Charles lawn service is a matter of love

When choosing either the weekly or the bi-weekly Lake Charles lawn service, it eventually comes down to how much you love your lawn.
Considering all the cost and effort you have spent to maintain it looking ever so green, you really love your lawn. In that case, choose the weekly grass cutting services. You will not regret it.
As you have also seen in the pricing, you actually pay less per cut when you cut more times. Cutting fewer times costs more. More costs less! You will save $15 for every weekly cut.
Save money and at the same time keep your lawn looking and smelling fresh all the time. You also get to save your grass blades from nasty color turns and diseases.
When you have weekly Lawn Care Services in Lake Charles LA, any vulnerability in your lawn can be identified in advance. Our team for grass cutting services know their business. They study it thoroughly for any signs of pest or disease attacks, nutrient needs and grass health. That way, any issue can be arrested before it can escalate.
You have seen why many customers choose a weekly Lake Charles lawn service as opposed to the fortnightly plan. It gives more value for less money, allows you to maintain a topnotch lawn,  and enhances your grass health.

Call TCLS today on 337-313-3002 to arrange your weekly lawn maintenance plan. Get more value for less money.