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Landscaping and Lawn Care Services at Schools and Colleges

June 20, 2019
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Lawn care services are important for educational spaces, perhaps even more important than in companies and homes. Schools, colleges and other educational spaces are full of stress. With deadlines to beat, exams, continuous assessment tests and peer-pressure, it can be a bit overwhelming for students and teachers alike. However, research shows that turf grass, good lawns, flowers, trees and water features can calm the mind and enhance relaxation.
Educational spaces mold future leaders, business people, thinkers and important people in the community. They not only instill discipline and academic prowess, but they also instill a sense of responsibility and organization. But all this can be hampered if the learning environment is shabby.
Keep the school grounds well organized, give the lawns good care, light up the pathways. Label loading zones, public spaces and do much more to make the grounds as community-friendly as possible.
Because of the large compound, gardens, lawns and long driveways that are characteristic of many academic spaces, you need the services of professional lawn care services for landscaping in Lake Charles.

Why professional lawn care services are vital for educational spaces

Helps make a professional statement

Good landscaping in an educational facility is a sort of professional statement. If you have a beautiful lawn, it will make the first professional statement to the students, their parents/guardians and any other person that pays a visit. If you have shabby outdoor space, no one will believe that you can give the best education or training.
Professional lawn care services will clearly mark the paths, the different zones, parking and many other spaces.
Some educational spaces such as universities can really be big and students can lose their way easily. Landscape maintenance services can uplift the looks of your institution, transforming it from boring to exhilarating.  

Nature is calming for the mind

To reiterate, educational spaces are quite stressful. All that paperwork, expectations, tests and school stuff is quite stressful for the students. However, research shows that nature can help students not only de-stress their mind, but it can also help enhance their attention in class, improve brain power and memory, and much more.
When you hire a landscape maintenance team, you will be able to recreate nature and bring most of its aspects into the educational space. You need plants – trees, shrubs, flowers and grass that is specific to your area. For example, for landscaping Lake Charles, you need plants that are native to southwest Louisiana. Plants that are native to a certain area can resist diseases and pests and thrive under different conditions.
When students need to relax, they do not have to go to the local park. Just engage professional lawn maintenance services to create certain aspects of nature in the educational space.
Some of the features that can be included in the landscaping include water features, rock gardens, flower gardens, trees, shrubs and of course, the lawn. Just sitting in class with a view of trees and birds singing is enough to help a student relax. This is why people work to get a corner office with the perfect view.
Another important aspect of good outdoor space in a school environment is to place park benches strategically to encourage students to study outdoors. When students finish class, many will retreat to their rooms to play computer and video games.
While they think that this is their way of decluttering their mind, it actually adds to the mental clutter. Instead of that, you could create attractive outdoor spaces so that students get to spend most of their free time outdoors. Flower gardens, water features, rock gardens and nice lawn grass can help in this.

Landscaping makes the outdoors safe for all time

Landscaping also involves lighting the outdoor spaces such as the pathways for night use. That way, it feels safe for the students walking from one night class to another among the trees.
For small children, the outdoor space in the school is their playground. Thus, when a child falls, you want it to be a soft landing on nice lawn grass.
The trees require pruning so that they do not pose any hazard to the student, staff and community population. Dry branches can fall on cars in the parking, costing your university or school a lot. A regular package for lawn care services ensures that your grounds are in perfect condition all the time.

Landscaping needs for educational institutions

Hard landscaping

Hardscaping involves fencing, brickworks, decking, paving, rock gardens and others. A professional team for landscaping in Lake Charles can create the perfect hardscapes for any educational space.

Hedging, planting trees and screening

You can use trees for hedging and screening, creating some privacy around your educational institution. This is much better than building a stone fence. A live hedge creates a home for birds and insects. It also creates privacy in different sections of your space.


This involves the creation of a lawn, which can be natural or artificial. No matter how many other features of landscaping you install in your space, it is not complete if it lacks a lawn. Along with a natural lawn comes the need for regular grass cutting services.

Landscape maintenance

If you already have had your landscaping done, you need regular maintenance for the same. That way, it stays in top-notch condition all the time. Everything, including the hardscaping features can go to the dogs if you lack a regular maintenance team on the ground.
You can see that there is more to landscaping in schools and colleges than just looking good. Bringing some aspects of nature to your space enhances the mood, memory and creativity of the students. As part of our professional lawn care services, we have packages for schools and colleges, in addition to homes and commercial spaces.

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