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How Commercial Landscaping Companies in Lake Charles LA Can Help Your Business

June 10, 2019
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As compared to residential landscaping, commercial landscape maintenance is more complicated, but one of the best landscaping companies in Lake Charles LA can help. Curb appeal is great for your home, but it is greater on business property.
When potential clients visit your organization, you want to give them the best impression. You want to give your partners and suppliers a good impression. Since it is a business premise, you want it to look organized. You must create good pathways for pedestrians, delivery spots, driveways for vehicles and a perfect curb appeal that goes in line with your brand and vision.
There is more intricacy in commercial landscaping. Thus, only the very qualified lawn care companies can do the job. Apart from creating curb appeal, you also need the delivery areas, loading zones, parking and other sections marked and clearly laid out. All this is the work of landscape maintenance services.

Differences between residential and commercial landscape maintenance services

1. Equipment

You might get by with a few or smaller lawn care equipment for residential property maintenance. However, this changes when it comes to commercial landscape maintenance.
You need bigger, better and more technologically advanced equipment. Buying bigger equipment means that you may also need to insure them. Just consider commercial lawn care as residential landscape maintenance scaled up, many times over.
Not only do you need bigger equipment, but you also need more equipment considering the size of the commercial lawns as compared to the residential ones. Most often, you will find that the residential lawn care equipment might not be best suited to business properties.
The business may have other properties/branches. When you sign a landscape maintenance contract, you get those too. Usually, lawn care services have to be offered at just about the same time. Thus, you will need more equipment and manpower so that you can service even more than three commercial properties at the same time.

2. Planning and execution

An adhoc way of doing things when dealing with small residential landscaping jobs may work just fine. However, when it comes to commercial properties, the person in charge should be clearly identified. They should be consulted so that expectations are clear.
If multiple decision makers or stakeholders are involved, the decision making line may be long. With a residential property, the owner is engaged to know what is needed. With a commercial property, an administrator or property manager may have to confirm everything with the boss.
Commercial landscaping companies in Lake Charles LA must work at the pace of the business most of the time. Once you have a plan in place, you also need a written agreement covering every tenet of the service that will be provided. You need an actual contract on paper, to ensure all aspects of the monthly landscape maintenance package are clearly outlined.
You also have to factor in emergency services. A broken tree closing the entrance of a business is not cool at all. Dead tree branches could fall on cars and cost a business a lot of money. That is why you need TCLS services because we always have a team on standby to handle lawn emergencies.
We also have the equipment for the job. Your clients need not be inconvenienced at all if you know you have a commercial landscape maintenance services team on standby all the time.

3. Commercial Landscaping Companies in Lake Charles LA help increase property value

Both residential and commercial landscaping increases the value of the property. The lawn care company that is hired by the commercial organization not only does the job at hand, but suggests many more lawn improvements.
These can include planting trees, creating paved paths, grass, shrubbery and much more. All these serve the purpose of beautification but at the same time, they increase the value of the property. Should the need to sell the property in future arise, it will fetch a higher price than it would otherwise have.
Apart from restaurants and retail businesses, rentals are another form of commercial properties that may need commercial lawn care. Condos are a good example of maintenance-free residential properties. In fact, maintenance-free is one of the reasons why many people move into them. A commercial landscaping company can offer regular maintenance services.
If there is empty space in front of a commercial property, people can misuse it and make it unwelcome to potential customers. This is where commercial landscaping companies in Lake Charles LA come in. You need all the empty space on your business premises converted into parking, delivery zones, lawns, gardens, water features or other appealing and functional spaces.
Once the trees and shrubbery have been planted, the mulch installed, flower gardens designed and planted, new lawn installed, rock gardens designed and much more done, it is not the end. After that comes the part where a regular maintenance package has to be leveraged. This will keep all the landscape looking span and neat all the time.

4. Improve the exterior of your building with commercial landscape maintenance

When you get the services of landscaping companies in Lake Charles LA, it is an opportunity to enhance your exterior décor. The relationship that clients form with a business is that of love at first sight. If they like what they see, chances of doing business with you are high. For your run down yard, beaten exterior of buildings, bad shrubbery and other eyesores in your landscape, contact us. Focus on your business while the landscaping team manages how your business looks.

If you need visual improvement in your business yard, lawn and gardens, call us on 337-313-3002 for assistance.

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