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New Lawn Mowing Technology and Improvements To Use For Lawn Care in Lake Charles

May 10, 2019
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If you have used the professional services for lawn care in Lake Charles, you will no doubt have noticed the advanced lawn mowers that they use. Not only have the lawn mower safety features undergone tremendous changes over time, but this piece of lawn care equipment is becoming greener by the day.
And this is an idea whose time has come. By creating a lawn, you have already done a good thing. Thus, there is no need to water down all the good work by using old lawn maintenance techniques that are not eco-friendly at all.
Landscaping companies are continually improving their lawn care techniques. One of the ways that we are doing this is by embracing the latest technologies. We are making lawn care as eco-friendly as possible.
Here, we will discuss a few ways in which lawn mowing technology has improved.

New technology for lawn mowers and lawn maintenance

Riding lawn mower with advanced features

This has become the mower of choice for landscaping companies offering grass cutting services in southwest Louisiana and other places. One of the reasons why it is so effective is the many features. They include cup holders, cruise control, collision avoidance and so on. Besides, you can even attach a snow plow to clear your driveway in winter.
Today, we even have riding lawn mowers that are powered by propane. Propane is a clean burning gas, meaning that it produces far less emissions as compared to gasoline. Some mower brand names such as Exmark use propane.
If you have a gasoline lawn mower, there are special kits for converting it from a gas to a propane user. We will discuss this in the upcoming sections. It seems that propane is the new go-to fuel for lawn care in Lake Charles and other areas.

Robotic lawn mowers

The initial buying cost would be high, but you would get the full value of every penny that you spend on a robotic mower.
This mower is a win for Mother Nature, because there are zero emissions from such mowers. They use rechargeable batteries. Some models are solar powered thus taking full advantage of the summer sunshine.
With the robotic mower, you can even program it to run without your input after every so long. Thus, even when you are at work, the mower will still work on the lawn, welcoming you with the smell of freshly cut grass in the evening.
While robotic lawn mowers are still in the experimental stage and many people have not used them, the future is indeed promising. We even have robotic mowers that can mow multiple zones including steep places or move from one lawn to another.

Electric hedge trimmers

Electric hedge trimmers are the way to go. They come in corded or cordless design to suit different needs.
Today, with more brands and companies understanding the importance of being environmentally friendly, there are a large variety of electric hedge trimmers available on the market.  Check out your closest home improvement store or even do your research online to determine which ones give you the best bang for your buck and more importantly, tick all your boxes.

Eco-friendly lawn maintenance technology

One of the areas where services for lawn care in Lake Charles are focusing is environmental friendliness. We and select other landscape maintenance services providers seek to offer lawn care services and constantly look into ways to keep the process as eco-friendly as possible.
At the same time, lawn mower manufacturers are coming up with eco-friendly products. One of them is by the manufacture of propane-powered lawn mowers. But that is not all!
Today, you can purchase a converter kit and change your lawn mower from a gasoline guzzler to a propane user.
You can hire a professional to convert your lawn mower for you, or you can do it yourself. Just check out some videos online that take you through the entire process step-by-step. Propane burns cleaner than gasoline and so you will be doing Mother Nature one good turn.
It is important that you buy the right conversion kit. You will find that each kit comes with a manual instructing you on things like how to adjust the idling, fuel mixture and many more. You may also get on-site training from a qualified person.

Organic fertilization and weed control program

This is yet another area where lawn care companies are helping sustain the environment. Organic fertilizers, natural weed and pest control are possible. For professional lawn care in Lake Charles, natural is the way to go.
Whether using dry or liquid fertilizers, it is important to ensure they are organic. Organic fertilizers also restrict the growth of weeds, thereby ensuring little to no competition for nutrients that should only go to your grass and plants.
Dry pellet fertilizer applied to your grass bed should be chosen carefully. It is rich in organic Potassium,. Phosphorus and Nitrogen. It enriches your soil with the best organic matter and nutrients.
The liquid fertilizer that our lawn care experts will apply to your lawn includes ingredients such as bone meal, seaweed, molasses and fish emulsion. This helps to improve the leafage and shrubbery of your plants.
For weed and turf pest control, we encourage customers in the Lake Charles area to use natural methods only. Uproot weeds by the roots will kill them. Using natural mulch will help preserve moisture and so on. Usually, when you eliminate weeds, you will see a reduction of pests because most of them thrive on weeds. You can always seek the advice of landscaping companies to know the best methods to use in your lawn.

There is a lot of technology and innovation happening in lawn care. You can call us on 337-313-3002 for further information about lawn care in Lake Charles.