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Why You Need Pro Landscape Management Lake Charles for Springtime Tree Care

March 26, 2019
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As soon as we start approaching the end of winter, it is time to start thinking about our trees. With the earliest hints of spring, we want to go out and inspect them, to see whether they sustained any winter damage. As we offer landscape management in Lake Charles, we advise our clients to get started on their spring tree care even before the onset of spring.
Most importantly, we should prepare the trees for their summer bloom. That is why a tree care package is needed in addition to grass cutting services and other landscape maintenance services.
Preparing trees for spring requires a meticulous plan. As one of the leading landscaping companies in Lake Charles, we suggest springtime tree preparation in the following ways:

Inspect the trees as winter approaches the end

In the last phase of winter, inspect your trees to ensure that frost did not cause them any damage. This is the best time for a close-up and candid inspection because the trees are bare of foliage. It is easy to spot any damage.
The most common winter damage that we look for in your trees includes:

  • Frost cracks that form vertically on the tree bark
  • Broken branches
  • Tree leaning to one side
  • The tree misses part of its crown
  • Diseased branches with visible injuries, black spots and other indicators

If you identify any of the above signs of winter damage or disease on your trees, you need professional landscape management Lake Charles. You need to do damage mitigation to curb the spread of the damage.
If the tree gets to summer in its damaged condition, the damage can spread easily in warmer weather. If the tree was diseased in winter, the disease might even spread to other trees in warm weather.
Also, remember to get rid of any deadwood.

Prepare your landscape for warm weather

You need to clear the area under the trees of leaves and other material before spring. This is also the perfect time to consult a lawn care company to apply slow release fertilizer to fire the growth of the trees through spring and summer. Fertiliser will also help the trees to ward off diseases and pests in the warm seasons. It can be hard to figure out what nutrients that your trees need. That is why you ought to consult with our lawn maintenance services team.

Taking care of trees during spring

Spring is the perfect time to plant new trees. Plant trees that are either native to your location or trees that have been ascertained to do well in your kind of climate. Remember to add a couple of inches of mulch to preserve moisture and control weeds.
Most pests and insects are very active in early spring. Thus, as soon as winter approaches its end, it is time to consult a professional for advice on the most common types of pests and insecticides to expect during this time. Establish a good plan for turf pest control because pests spread fast in the warm seasons.

Do your spring pruning right

If spring tree pruning is not done in the right way, you may do more harm than good to the trees. That is why there can be no guesswork. You should consult landscaping companies in Lake Charles LA for expert tree pruning.
Pruning is not all about getting rid of dead branches. It is also about shaping the tree. The timing must be right. Some trees are best trimmed in early spring before they have started to bloom. Some like apricot, magnolias, flowering plum, dogwood, cherry and chokecherry are best trimmed after they have bloomed.
Water is paramount during spring when the trees need it for their young shoots and foliage. Thus, you should not only water your trees deeply, but you should also apply mulch. Make sure it is not less than 2 inches thick. Mulch also helps prevent the growth of weeds.

Apply herbicides

Dandelions and other weeds compete for resources with your trees. For control, herbicides are good, but if they are not applied in the right way, they can harm the tree. You really do not want to make errors with herbicides. It is best to ask for the assistance of landscaping companies in Lake Charles LA so that you can get the guesswork out of the picture.
Just because a certain herbicide can kill dandelions, it does not mean that it is good for the tree. It is important to read the instructions for use, and adhere to them fully for the good of your trees.

Control Insects and bugs

Spring is also the time that insects and bugs thrive. You should be extra vigilant because early detection is everything when it comes to controlling insects. You need to take care of them before they start spreading around, laying eggs and breeding.
Different insects and pests need different turf pest control solutions. That is why you need an arborist to diagnose what has infested your lawn. That way, you can get a solution that is uniquely designed for your trees alone.
To be able to identify pest and insect attacks on your trees, you should at least find out the most common pests and insects in your area.
For landscape management in Lake Charles, get a team that is well versed with the soil, pests, plants, weather, and grass. A landscape and lawn maintenance provider that handles multiple facets of garden care can truly be an asset when it comes to taking care of your lawn.

Call us on 337-313-3002 if you need professional landscape management in Lake Charles. We offer all types of landscape maintenance services, including springtime tree care.