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Best Flowering Shrubs for Spring and Summer for your Landscaping in Lake Charles

March 13, 2019
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Best Flowering Shrubs for Spring and Summer for your Landscaping in Lake Charles

Spring is a happy time for lawn owners. This is when we determine what our lawns and gardens will look like for the coming months of summer and even part of fall. For lawn maintenance and landscaping in Lake Charles, this is also the time that we receive many requests from lawn owners. They want to know what flowers and shrubs they can plant for spring and summer.

Choosing the wrong flowers – The biggest first-timer mistake

In our experience, over the time that we have been offering landscape maintenance services in southwest Louisiana, we have seen lawn owners make mistakes. One of the most regrettable ones is selecting the wrong shrubs and flowers for their garden. This is quite serious, and it often happens with beginners.
If the flowers and plants fail to thrive, the owners become discouraged and they discard the project. However, we are here to tell you that it is possible to craft an incredibly stunning garden for spring and summer. Yes, just as you saw in the home improvement magazine.
When you leave everything in the hands of the lawn care services, you eliminate room for error. You get value for money and you save time. At the end of the exercise, you have a garden that is the envy of your neighborhood, one that enriches the contentment of your heart.

Selecting spring flowers and shrubs for your landscaping in Lake Charles

One of the things that we advise our landscape maintenance services customers to do is to select native flowers and shrubs. Native flowering shrubs have many benefits.
Now, southwest Louisiana has many incredible flowering shrubs that you can choose for your garden. These will never let you down. They can give your garden a perfect bloom and face-lift that will last through summer.
Let us sample just a few of them here:


This one is a boisterous beauty and its beautiful scent is hard to miss in the garden. In fact, many perfumes contain the lilac fragrance, in tribute to this great shrub.
This is a big shrub and it can be a nice complement between the flowers and the trees in your garden. It can grow to a height of 16 feet high and in spring and summer, it produces white and purple flowers. You will also find these flowers nice to cut for your vases at home. Another thing that you will love is that this shrub does well in well-drained soils of all types.
Because of the big size, lilac need to be pruned at the most opportune time. The best time to do the pruning is after summer, when the flowers have died. Pruning is a very delicate procedure that should only be done by a professional team that offers landscaping in Lake Charles.


Azalea do very well in Louisiana and they are the first choice of spring flowers for many people. Today, there are newer varieties of azaleas that bloom almost in all seasons, with some of them doing very well for about 6 to 8 months in a year. However, they show their full majesty when their flowers are in full bloom.
For your azalea to do well, you need to prepare the ground for them. One of them is the right soil pH, irrigation, the technique of planting, sunlight as well as pruning.
As you can see, there are many things involved for a perfect azalea cover, and you may need professional assistance. A professional team can create a beautiful and balanced garden for you.

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If you are looking for a low maintenance garden plant that is not only beautiful but will retain its glory for spring and summer, get crinum. It performs very well in moist but well drained soils. When it starts to flower, you will see purple, white and pink flowers that last from spring to fall. Crinum also requires some sunshine so that it can grow to up to 2 feet tall.


This is without a doubt one of the sweetest, darling, flowering shrubs of the south. It is large and leafy and stays green, maintaining its foliage for a long time. But that is not all since it produces nice and large flowers, some over 5 inches in diameter.
However, these flowers are not “scenty” at all but that is something that we can live with. You may want to spread some mulch around your camellia as it requires well drained and moist soil at the same time.

Bugleweed (Ajuga)

If you really love the robust colors of nature, get this plant. You will love the fact that it is a low maintenance shrub, has flowers and an awesome combination of colors. Can you believe that the leaves are green, bronze and burgundy, all in the same shrub? In spring, bugleweed produces nice blue flowers.
This plant requires moist soil that is well drained.
These are just a few of the plants that you could incorporate in your garden for spring and summer. However, you need to match them with their best counterparts, to create a breathtaking effect.

Why you need a professional team for landscaping in Lake Charles

As you can see, there is quite a lot involved in the selection of best spring flowers and shrubs for your landscaping in Lake Charles. Navigating your way through this quagmire can be challenging. However, at TCLS, we will send a professional landscaping team to see what types of spring flowers and shrubs could work in your garden.
Creating the best garden is not only determined by the plant selection. The soil type matters, and so does the application of fertilizer, mulching and giving the plants the care they require.
You have also seen that most of the flowering shrubs require well drained but moist soils. However, just a casual glance across your garden will not tell you whether your soil is well drained. You need a professional team on the ground to closely inspect your lawn.

Remove the guesswork when selecting the best spring flowers and shrubs for your landscaping in Lake Charles; call us on 337-313-3002 today. We will help you with the plant selection as well as the ground preparation.