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Using Pre and Post Emergent Weed Killers for Lawn Care in Lake Charles

February 25, 2019
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If you need services for lawn care in Lake Charles and the surrounding areas, we are just a call away. We will help you with weed control, grass cutting services and much more.
Next to pests, weeds are the biggest nuisance in your lawn. They compete for nutrients with your grass and plants. Thankfully, there are many herbicide products that you can use, both pre emergent and post emergent, to keep the weeds under control.
Of course, the choice of the best pre and post emergent herbicides depends on the type of weed that is prevalent in a certain area. For example, our customers in Lake Charles mostly contend with weeds such as dollar weed, goosegrass, mock strawberry, spurge, lawn burweed, thistle, wild geranium and doveweed, to name but just a few of them.
The best time to start controlling weeds is before they emerge. That way, they will not partake any of the nourishment that you have provided for your grass and other lawn plants. However, even the best pre-emergent measures cannot extinguish all the weeds. Therefore, a post emergent herbicide must be used on the weeds as soon as they emerge from the soil.

Pre-emergent weed killers

Pre-emergent weed control products can be applied in liquid or granular form. They should then be watered in so that they can seep into the soil. Such products work by suffocating the seed so that it does not germinate.
Pre emergent herbicides are applied in late fall, early winter or early spring when the soil temperatures are still lower than 60° F to prevent germination. However, this is also the time that most lawn maintenance services advise their customers to plant their lawn seeds to catch the spring bloom. Thus, there can be no room for error when selecting the pre emergent herbicide because you do not want to kill your good seeds.
Pre emergent weed control is the best weed prevention measure you can adopt for your lawn. In any case, even if you apply it after the weeds have emerged, it will not be for nothing. Because you do not know where the weeds will germinate, it is important that you apply your pre emergent over the entire lawn.
We recommend that you let a lawn care company do this job for you, from the selection of the best pre-emergent to its application. It is paramount that you do everything correctly so that the weed killer can stay potent for up to 10 weeks.
If you are concerned about weed problems in your lawn, contact TCLS today for a treatment program that will work for your lawn.

Post emergent weed killers for lawn care in Lake Charles

Post emergent herbicides are best applied in the beginning of spring to kill the weeds soon after they start coming out of the ground. For lawn care in Lake Charles, we advise our clients to take pictures of the weeds and send them to us. That way, we can select the best post emergent herbicide for their lawn. Alternatively, we can send a lawn maintenance services team to take control of the situation.
If they are applied right, the post emergent weed control herbicides kill all types of weeds. These include annual and perennial weeds, grassy and broadleaf weeds.
The main difference between the application of the post emergent and pre emergent weed killers is that for the post-emergent one, you can just apply to the spot that has weeds. Thus, you do not need to apply the weed killer to the entire lawn.
For lawn care in Lake Charles, we advise lawn owners on the best timing to apply their post emergent weed killers. Most, if not all weeds, are best killed when they are very tender. If you do not want to apply the weed killer repeatedly, get the weeds soon after they germinate. Grown weeds will require you to apply the weed killer repeatedly to kill them.
Post emergent weed control does not happen just once. You continue applying weed control products at different times of the year. However, to prevent the growth of weeds in spring, you may apply a post-emergent on your lawn in fall.

Why you should only use a specific herbicide for post-emergent weed control

Landscaping companies will use a non-specific herbicide when they are clearing a whole area for fresh landscaping. However, as a lawn owner, you just want to kill the weeds and not everything on the lawn. That is why you should only use a specific herbicide that kills weeds only without causing harm to the surrounding plants. If you’re looking for lawn care in Lake Charles and the surrounding areas, consult with TCLS so that you do not harm all of your plants with a post-emergent herbicide.

If you need weed control and other lawn care in Lake Charles and the surrounding areas, call us on 337-313-3002 for treatment plans and recommendations.