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Using Technology For Irrigation and Lawn Care Services

January 8, 2019
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Technology in bathrooms and kitchen faucets as well as in the offices…well why not in irrigation and lawn care services? Both commercial and residential lawn owners are catching on fast. Today, it is easy to automate the way you water your lawn, of course, with the help of lawn care service providers.

Benefits of using technology for irrigation and lawn care services

Makes watering your lawn easy

Bringing technology into your lawn care system takes the hard work off your hands. Just imagine being able to control your irrigation system right from your computer or mobile device.
You can make any changes to your watering schedule depending on the season from your computer. If you are a hands-on person and you need to stay in control of your irrigation system, technology allows you to do that too.

Only water the lawn when necessary

In some instances, using technology to irrigate your lawn works so well such that even the lawn owners forget to monitor their systems. This is why you may find a sprinkler irrigating that lawn even after it has rained. However, lawn maintenance services can install a self-adjusting system that only irrigates when it is necessary to do so.
When traveling, you can program the irrigation system to water your lawn regularly. Short of mowing the lawn, the lawn will look just as it would if you had not traveled at all.

Conserve water

When you are using the computer for your lawn irrigation, it is easy to collect data for analysis. You can know how much water you have been using and how much it cost you. It is also quite possible to find ways of saving water.
Using technology to control your irrigation can reduce pollution. If you just use the traditional hose and sprinkler to irrigate the lawn, you may water too much and generate runoff. This runoff could contaminate other water sources with fertilizers and other lawn chemicals.
With the world facing an impending water shortage all the time, it is the duty of every lawn owner to save water. Doing human calculations is prone to error. Using technology with your irrigation and lawn care services eliminates all guesswork. It ensures that you do not waste water.

Popular technology for irrigation and lawn care services

ET based systems

ET or evapotranspiration (ET) based irrigation systems are installed on your computer. They are then programmed to run your lawn irrigation system. ET systems collect weather data from satellites or from a mini weather station installed in your backyard. The good thing with the ET based systems is that you only set them up once. You will never have to reprogram them in their entire lifetime.
The irrigation and lawn care services experts at Tender Care Lawn Services can help you choose the best system for your use.

Computer controlled irrigation and lawn care services

With the PC controlled irrigation system, you can schedule your own irrigation times. You may not require much assistance from professional grass cutting services to get set up. The irrigation control software can also control the landscape lighting. You can use weekly calendars to control your lawn irrigation. This system also has a remote control, which you can take outside with you to adjust the irrigation system.

Moisture sensing technology

This is a very popular technology that is used in large farms, golf courses, commercial and residential lawns. The moisture sensing system is able to tell how much moisture the lawn soil is holding at different places. The owner can then use this information to calculate the amount of water needed at a particular place.
The moisture sensing systems collect soil water content data and transmit it to your tablet, mobile phone, or computer. You can engage the system remotely so that it starts watering the lawn even when you are away from home.  

Advanced sprinkler systems

Today, there are advanced sprinkler systems that can measure water precisely. Specifically, you should look for sprinkler systems that are made to maintain a low flow rate and low pressure. Just as we have low flow rates in showerheads, we also have the same technology in sprinkler systems. The good thing is that you can buy a low pressure low flow sprinkler kit that will still be able to irrigate an area of 600 sq. feet.
As you can see, there are different technology-driven systems in the market. That is why you need to choose the best irrigation and lawn care services. Mostly, what lawn irrigation technology you use depends on the climate and soil in your area. Always get help from professional lawn maintenance services to choose the best system.

To start saving water and money with lawn irrigation technology, we can help you with our professional irrigation and lawn care services. Call 337-313-3002 today to get started.