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Landscape Design Rock Garden Ideas From Our Lawn Care Company

December 21, 2018
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A good landscape design rock garden will do many things to your home. The most important of them all is that it will increase the aesthetic quality of the garden and add an eternal touch to the garden. If professionals do it, it is going to increase the value of your home tremendously.

The value of beautiful rock gardens created by a lawn care company

The Japanese zen gardens (they are made by a combination of rocks, water features and sand) are therapeutic, you too can create a rock garden to enhance your relaxation moments. You can also create one for its aesthetic value.
If you want, you can even make your rock garden sentimental. Start by dedicating some big and medium-sized rocks to friends, family and pets gone before you. With the help of professional landscape maintenance, your creativity will not be limited in any way. Whatever image you may have in mind, just communicate. TCLS will fine-tune it and produce a rock garden you will be proud of forever.
If your yard is sloped and plants do not do very well, do not keep a bare patch of land. Installing a simple rock garden can make all the difference for you. Besides, lawn maintenance services know just the kind of plants that would do very well on rocky ground.
Without skill and experience, it would be hard to choose the best plants for your rock garden.

Reasons why you should get professional landscape design rock garden

One of the most common questions that we get from our customers in Southwest Louisiana is why they need to hire a professional lawn care company to do their landscape design rock garden.
There are many reasons for this. It is not all about getting the locally available rocks. It is about getting the best eye appeal. Choosing the rocks and arranging them in a very appealing way and choosing the right plants as well.
A professional team will do all the hard work and after that, leave you with an incredible looking piece of rock garden. Besides, they remove all the guesswork from the picture. You need not concern yourself with the size of rocks, where to install them or how to do it.
The rock garden design should look as natural as possible
Some people have naturally rocky gardens right in their backyards. For such people, it is easy for landscaping maintenance services to design a rock garden. However, if you do not have a garden that is naturally rocky, it does not mean that you cannot make one. With the help of the landscaping companies, anything is possible.
Making a rock garden in the front yard
Because the front backyard is most visible to your visitors, it is the best place to install a rock garden. If it is hilly, it will look even more astounding. If it is not, you can still be able to do many things with it. Besides, using big and small rocks wisely can still enable you to create a hill in your garden.
Be as random as possible
The secret to designing a perfect rock garden is randomness, using rocks to create balance with them. Professional landscape design rock garden will increase the resale value of your home greatly.
Nature never gets anything in a straight line and therefore you do not want to place your rocks in straight rows. Random is much better but it can be nigh impossible to get right. No matter how random you want to appear, it can be hard to get right especially during the first time.
Start by mapping your garden
At TCLS, we recommend that you start with mapping up all the spots that you would like to have the rocks. Take a pen and paper and start marking the spots where you think the rocks would have the best effect. A map will save you a lot of time. Without one, you would spend too much time relocating the rocks, trying to see where they fit in best.
To make the rock garden even more natural-looking, you should leave some gaps between the rocks. This is where you will plant the plants. Leave big and small gaps between the rocks so that you can intermittently place your plants. If this is done well, the result will be an astounding natural-looking rock garden.
Choose the right plants for your garden
The plants that you choose for your landscape design rock garden can either break it or make it. If you get plants that grow too dense and too high, they will overshadow the rocks. This is not good because this is a rock garden.
We advise homeowners and landscaping services to use small plants with sparse leafage. Tiny plants are better especially if you live in a place where you experience a lot of rainfall. Try tulip species, brodiea or the small daffodils.
Toss in a couple of succulent plants, which give a nice touch of the desert environment to your garden. The cactus family, you know, the species that do not grow too tall would be perfect for this.
Get a couple of creepers and let them creep over the rocks. They are easy to control and of you like, you can shape them to creep halfway around the big rocks. Do some art with your rock garden and creeping plants and the result will be stunning.

A few landscape design rock garden ideas to try out

Rock garden with a centerpiece – This kind of rock garden has a one, two or three boulders standing in the middle of the garden. It is the simplest rock garden to establish in any front yard or backyard. The good thing about such a garden is that while the boulders look valueless individually, when used together, they look astounding.
Terraced rock garden – This can be a bit complex to establish, but no when you use the help of professional lawn service companies. Rocks are arranged in such a way that they form beautiful terraces. If you would like to make the stones stand out, make them bigger and opt for small plants.
Equilibrium rock garden – This can be a hard nut to crack since it must look something like Stonehenge, well, just kidding, but you know the balance of those rocks is astounding. You would need big rocks for this. However, they have to be set up in such a way that they look natural and balanced with the rest of the garden.
Stone paths – Garden paths are a big feature. They should be made in a mix-match design with big and small rocks. You can also try different colors to create a deep effect. You can have different plants on either side of the pathway. With this design, you will see that there is beauty in contrast.
Pond in a rock garden – If you have a pond in your garden, you can use smooth rocks for the edges or to create a nice rock floor on its banks. Water bodies and rocks create an astounding effect all the time. Just make sure professionals do your landscape design rock garden and you will have a rock bank that you can step on as you peer into the pond.
Japanese Zen garden – With the help of a professional lawn care company, it is quite easy to design a small Japanese Zen garden. Water, sand, rocks and some greenery is all that is needed. You will need a mix of big and small rocks, pebbles and sand if you can get it. With proper placement, it is quite possible to achieve a fantastic looking miniature garden.
These are just a few ideas for creating a rock garden. As you have seen here, landscape design rock garden can be a bit complex to get right. It will take the help of landscape maintenance services to design a rock garden that will make you proud to come home daily.

As part of our lawn care and landscaping services, we will make you a fantastic landscape design rock garden. Call us on 337-313-3002 for more information.