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Why Hire Lawn care Services To Apply Fertilizer and Chemicals in Your Lawn

September 7, 2018
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The more you water your lawn, the more fertilizer you will have to apply. More water generally means more growth, hence the need for more nutrients in spring and sometimes summer. But what about fall and winter? Applying fertilizer to the lawn requires you to know a lot, which can be quite confusing. Call us at 313-337-3002 for professional lawn care services to get expert care for your lawn.
If you have noticed some bare, unevenly colored or brown patches in your lawn, it could mean three things:

  1. You could be having some sort of lawn disease, which is less likely.
  2. Your lawn needs fertilizer. This is very likely.
  3. There has been drought.

But there are other plants in the lawn. There are shrubs, trees and flowers. They too need to be fed with fertilizer every now and then. Many homeowners know the basic rule of lawn fertilizers is based on the three numbers on the label. These numbers show the percentage of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. However, lawn maintenance services companies will tell you that different plants in the lawn need different nutrients.
Well, even if you have not noticed any of the above mentioned tell-tale signs, you still need to apply fertilizer to your lawn every now and then. How often and what types of fertilizers and chemicals for your lawn depends on many things.
Save yourself the guesswork and the risk of errors. You want professional lawn care services to help you determine exactly what your lawn needs. When it is about the life of your lawn, you know you can never be too careful.

Best time to apply fertilize to your lawn

As fully-fledged lawn maintenance services providers, we always advise our customers to let us apply pre-emergent and chemicals to their lawns before winter. From our research and our extensive experience, we have found out that for a great effect in spring, it is better to apply fertilizers a couple of times a year starting in spring – through summer.
Knowing when to fertilize your lawn depends on many things apart from the time of the year. It also depends on the type of grass that you have on your lawn. Different types of grasses enter their peak phases of growth at different times.
As landscaping companies will advise you, the essence of applying fertilizer at the right time is to ensure that the grass has enough nutrients as it enters its peak growth phase.
The time to apply fertilizer to your grass may also depend on where you live. For example, landscape maintenance services in southern areas will advise homeowners to apply fertilizer in early summer or late spring for the warm season grass.

How to apply fertilizer – what professional lawn care services advise

Many homeowners know the importance of applying fertilizer and chemicals to their lawn, but they do not know how to do it.
Here are a few things to know:
Never apply fertilizer on wet grass – This could result to fertilizer burn, something that you certainly want to avoid. Instead, apply fertilizer on dry grass and then wash it down with water. Fertilizer burn is caused by over-application of fertilizer. You can recognize fertilizer burn when you see grass leaves appearing scorched.
Choose lawn chemicals carefully – If you want to use lawn chemicals in your lawn care, we advise you to choose the chemical carefully. Only get one that will treat the particular problem that has been bugging your lawn. Always remember that lawn chemicals are just like other chemicals and therefore handling with care is advisable.
Lawn chemicals are biocides, manufactured to kill insects, pests and other unwanted elements in the lawn. They are dangerous to plants, animals and humans too. That is why professional lawn care services employ every precaution to make sure that the chemicals are applied during the safest time of the day.
These chemicals can be absorbed into the human body through the skin, nose and mouth. Thus, every precaution is required to ensure the chemicals are not applied in windy conditions.
Choose your lawn fertilizers carefully – There are different types of lawn fertilizers. For example, slow release fertilizers are in granular or liquid form. This is a controlled fertilizer that will release nutrients gradually into the soil. Organic fertilizers contain no chemicals. Compost manure is one of the most popular of them all.
Chemical/synthetic fertilizers are made with by-products of petroleum products. Ammonium phosphate, potassium sulfate, superphosphate and ammonium nitrate are some of the best chemical fertilizers. Other types of fertilizers include specialty grass type fertilizers, liquid water soluble fertilizers and even seasonal fertilizers.
With so many mind boggling varieties, it can be quite challenging to know what is good for your lawn, and what is not. This is the main reason why you should let professional landscape maintenance services apply the fertilizers and chemicals for you.

Reasons to let lawn maintenance services apply your fertilizer

Just because you have noticed that a certain patch in your lawn is not the best greenish color, it does not necessarily mean lack of nutrients. On the contrary, it could be that you have a disease in the lawn. Thus, when the TCLS team comes to your lawn, we will help you identify any problems that you may have in your lawn.
Here is how we do it:
We test the soil
This is a core reason why you should hire lawn care services professionals to apply your fertilizer and chemicals for you. We test the soil! We do this to determine what nutrients your lawn needs, and in what quantity.
Soil testing helps us to determine just how much of a nutrient you need for a certain measure of lawn. The most important components that we test for in your soil are Phosphorus, Nitrogen and Potassium. By the time we are done, we can tell you the amount of any nutrient in pounds that you will need for the entire lawn.
Testing eliminates guesswork and error.
Best tools for the job
Spreading fertilizer, especially liquid or granular fertilizer without the right tools can cause a lot of wastage. Most of the granules will go where they are not intended to go, on sidewalks and pavements.
Our lawn care services team uses specialized equipment, which we can adjust so that it applies the fertilizer evenly all over the lawn. This prevents overlapping. Lawn fertilizers and chemicals pose the risk of getting into the nearby water bodies or also other non-grassy areas if spread in windy conditions.
We apply fertilizer at the right time of day
Apart from considering the season, lawn service companies also consider the time of the day when you apply the fertilizer. In spring, fertilizer should be applied once in six weeks, or after mowing a lawn 2 to 3 weeks, or after three mows.
In fall, you should also apply fertilizer at least once for strengthening the root system of the grass in preparation for winter. Sometimes, you may also be advised to apply winter fertilizer in late fall, but this will depend on the nutritional needs of your lawn.
Fertilizer and other lawn chemicals should not be applied when the sun is too hot and in calm weather. That way, your fertilizer is not blown to the sidewalk. If rain is in the forecasts, time your fertilizer application so that the rain can wash it down. If no rain is expected, you will have to use your sprinklers to water the fertilizer down.
We apply the fertilizer evenly
Even if you have a backpack sprayer to spray your liquid slow releasing fertilizer on your lawn, it does not mean that you will do a perfect job. The fertilizer should be applied evenly as an overlap could cause streaks in your lawn. This could mean that in spring, you will notice that some patches of your lawn are greener than others. This is caused by some parts having received more nutrients and others less.

Take the guesswork out of lawn maintenance by giving us a call on 313-337-3002. We maintain the overall health of your lawn regularly, conduct soil tests as needed to determine what nutrients your lawn truly needs. We also offer regular fertilizer applications as part of our lawn care services package.