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Grass Cutting Services And Other Fall Services For Your Lawn And Garden

September 20, 2018
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The squirrel is wise. He starts collecting nuts and hiding them for winter in fall. As a lawn owner, you need to be as smart as the squirrel and start preparing for the fall and winter. It is not too hard to get your lawn ready for fall and winter, but there is quite some groundwork (pu to be done.
At TCLS, we are always ready to offer grass cutting services and other lawn maintenance services. That way, you can sleep easy throughout the cold season knowing your lawn has been taken care of by professionals.

Why hire grass cutting services to prepare your lawn for fall?

Many homeowners do not worry too much about their lawn in fall because the grass grows slowly. However, they forget that this is the perfect time to get the lawn ready for a healthy full bloom next spring.
There are many things to do to get your lawn ready for fall. From applying pre-emergent, trimming, mulching, overseeding with ryegrass and even getting the Christmas lights ready. You can see this is going to be quite a handful for you and your family. Well, that is why at TCLS, we go the extra mile and make your lawn beautiful for fall and winter.
Mowing the grass has to be done in a special way. You are mowing the grass to prepare it for winter. Our lawn care company has the right tools for any job, including fall lawn preparation.

The importance of trimming and mulching in fall

We get calls from homeowners in southwest Louisiana asking us whether it is okay to trim bushes in fall. The answer is yes, depending on the plants in your lawn.
Because of the slow weed growth in fall, many people wonder whether it is important to mulch. The good thing is that you can mulch leaves or use your lawn clippings. The main benefit is that mulching really helps keep your soil nutritious. When you use the lawn clippings for mulching, you will be saving yourself a lot of time and money. Instead of sweeping the clippings away and dumping them, it makes more sense to mulch with them.
As a professional lawn care company, we advise our customers to approach fall trimming cautiously. The reason for this is that pruning stimulates new growth, and the budding leaves and branches that may grow after trimming in fall may not harden up for winter.
When we come to your lawn, we check out all the plants since not all of them can be trimmed in fall. Some plants need to be trimmed in winter, some in early spring and some need not be trimmed at all. If you trim a plant that should not be trimmed, you could end up weakening it, causing its death in winter. This is one more reason why lawn care services providers should do the lawn work for you.

Why get our grass cutting services in fall?

In fall, the warm season grass growth slows down considerably, but that does not mean that it should not be mowed. In our package for lawn care services, we will continue to mow the lawn every week. The importance of mowing grass in fall is that it prevents the growth of mold on the grass blades in winter.
When mowing the grass in fall, lawn maintenance services advise homeowners to use a mulching mower. That way, we accomplish two things at the same time – mowing and mulching.
The mulching mower is designed with special blades that help spread the mulch over the ground. It also further chops the clippings into smaller pieces. With time and due to biodegradation, the grass clippings will wither away, adding to the organic nutrient content of the soil. It is very important to use a mulching mower since it will help prevent thatch build-up.

Overseeding with Rye grass

As part of our lawn care services, we also do overseeding with ryegrass. We start doing this around the middle of October. In a nutshell, we mow the warm season grass to a short height of about 2 inches and then seed the lawn with ryegrass. Ryegrass is a perennial grass that will keep the lawn looking green and thriving throughout the year.
It is best to overseed your lawn with rye grass from the October to mid November. You can call TCLS to arrange overseeding your lawn. The rye grass is going to keep your lawn green through the winter until spring when the warm season grass comes back to life.
Before we can start to overseed your lawn, we will first cut the existing grass to about 30 percent of its full height, usually leaving about 2 inches of grass from the ground. We will then remove the grass clippings unless they will be used for mulching and then use a rake to loosen the soil a bit.
Using a rotary spreader, we will spread the ryegrass, then apply a layer of sand on the seeds, just about a quarter of an inch to cover the ryegrass seed. After that, the lawn needs to be watered thoroughly to about a half of an inch deep. Watering should be continued for several days, a few times a day for a set amount of time.

Christmas lights installation in fall

As soon as fall sets in, you know that the holiday season is not too far off. Thus, it is time to get a professional lawn care company to look over your lawn to start planning for the installation of Christmas lights. This needs to be done carefully considering that your neighbors too will put up their lights and so you do not want to overshadow them.
If their bedroom windows is backed up towards your lawn, you want to install the Christmas lighting in such a way that it will not disturb them. As we offer professional grass cutting services and landscape services, we consider this and many more factors.
To save power, you need to install lights with a timer. You can have them running all night if you like. We usually start offering this service from October onwards. Our lights installation package also includes taking them down in the first or second week of January.
We advise you to arrange early with us because fall is a busy season and the spots for lights installation are limited. Call us on 313-337-3002 to schedule a time when we should come to install your lights.

If you would like to keep your lawn green all throughout fall and winter, call us on 313-337-3002 for professional grass cutting services.