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Learn why technology should be important to a lawn care company

August 13, 2018
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Technology permeates every aspect of our lives, from our cars, to our daily schedule, and even our entertainment. Is it then too much to expect that a lawn care company should also use technology to their advantage? When choosing from the many landscaping companies in your area, selecting the cheapest or geographically closest provider may be a big deciding factor for most people. However, if you take it one step further, you may realize that you’re overlooking an important aspect when selecting the lawn care company that could actually be saving you money in the long run.
A lawn care company may have a lot to offer by way of services, but finding one that does it all, and actually does it well, can be difficult. Finding the perfect one that actually uses technology to give it a competitive edge is…well…a rare treat.
Enter Tender Care Lawn Service, a company that not only uses technology for the usual scheduling and bookkeeping tasks, but also maximizes efficiency and customer satisfaction by leveraging all that technology has to offer and continues to tweak and improve processes and services by taking advantage of new features and tools that are developed.

Why choose a technologically savvy lawn care company

Imagine that you’re ready for some lawn care services. You’ve got your short list of lawn care companies that you’ve spent time comparing. Maybe you made some phone calls, perhaps you perused their websites, you probably also checked their reviews and Facebook pages. Next it’s time to get their estimates in. You diligently work with them to align your calendar with theirs and set up an appointment for them to come out and look at your property. What you don’t realize is that you’ve already spent valuable time that’s cost you money and perhaps even peace of mind to find the provider you’re finally going to settle on.
What if you were able to get back some of that time? How fantastic would that be? Imagine getting an estimate within minutes by simply providing your address to a lawn care company. That’s what we do. With the help of our software, we get a satellite view of your property, and can even measure the actual lawn area (not including the home, garage and hardscape). This enables us to give you an accurate and fast estimate for our grass cutting, weed and insect control, and fertilization services.
No more waiting around or moving things about on your calendar. We just want to make things that simple.

Landscape design made easier

Tender Care Lawn Service - Digital Landscape Design
Got some landscape ideas you’d like to see come to life? Give us a call and our designer will consult with you on what you have in mind and give you some ideas and pointers of our own. From there, we use computer software to actually draft out the design including it’s placement and layout so you can visually see the effect it will create. Want to make some adjustments? No problem. Since everything is now digital, making changes is a breeze and you get to see your landscape come to life the way you’d like it to be.

Easy, breezy lawn care services

Sometimes lawn care services are easily discernible, other times they’re not. If you’re signed up for routine lawn care maintenance, it may not be as easy as schedule it and forget about it. You may be one of those people that want to know that it actually got taken care of and when.
With Tender Care’s technology driven lawn care services, we ensure that there’s no mystery when we do the work. Not only do we leverage text messaging to inform you of upcoming appointments and when services are completed, we also use GPS tracking so that you know that our team did actually make it out to your property.
Taking it a step further, we thoroughly document the details of the service including photographing our truck at your property to confirm our presence and diligently cataloging important factors related to the service performed. From computerized verification of the proportions of the chemical mixtures used, to validating wind speed and direction, every aspect is analyzed to ensure that the service performed is done accurately.
It’s important for us to be transparent in how we do business so that our customers trust as a highly credible landscaping and lawn care company.

At Tender Care Lawn Service, we take our motto of providing “Exceptionally Reliable, Worry Free, Quality Lawn Care…Guaranteed” seriously. That means using every tool possible to make that happen, technology included. Call us on 337-313-3002 today and let us know how we can help you with any of your lawn, landscaping, irrigation, and drainage needs.