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HOA Regulations and Professional Landscape Maintenance Services

June 21, 2018
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HOA rules are very strict. People that living in communities that are controlled HOAs must make sure that their lawns meet all the regulations. However, with the assistance of professional lawn and landscape maintenance services, we can give you a great looking lawn that is going to meet all the HOA rules to the T. Living in a condo or community is great for the obvious benefits like security, living in a large community and not having to worry too much about repairs. However, there is little liberty to exercises your wishes when it comes to the grounds. Your lawn must meet the HOA rules. That is why you need a lawn care company to help you keep a HOA approved lawn.
Thankfully, you do not have to struggle all alone to appease your HOA. Just give us a call at 337-313-3002 and we will rise to the occasion. Lawns are our business, and we go the extra mile for our resident and commercial customers in southwest Louisiana, to help them have the lawns of their dreams yet at the same time stay in compliance with HOA rules.

TCLS will help you in plant selection

Because of the many rejections that condo and home owners get, we go out of our way to make sure that your proposed lawn plan will include the right plants so that HOA can approve your plan. Do not go ahead and change your landscaping without getting approval from the architectural arm of your HOA. Many people have received notices for that, and some have even been sued.
Most HOAs have architectural committees that review every landscaping design or change application made by one of their residents and ensure it meets all the guidelines. However, you also know that HOA rules and regulations are not so clear-cut and they can be hard to comprehend. If you live in one of the HOA communities in southwest Louisiana, make sure to contact us so that we can assist you. For the more than fifteen years that we have been in operation, we have assisted many HOA residents design lawns and make landscaping changes that were approved by their HOA without trouble.
While some HOAs do the groundwork maintenance, others require their residents to make sure that their yards, bushes, grass and trees do not grow out of control. If you live in such a condo or home community, you will need professional lawn maintenance services to ensure that you maintain your yard according to the rules of your HOA.

Some of the HOA Rules a landscaping companies help you meet

HOAs that allow residents to take care of their lawn will set several rules regarding that. For example, they may set a rule for how often the grass can be mowed. In such a case, you would indeed require the services of lawn service companies to meet the set deadlines.
You will also be required to maintain the bushes at a certain height. Now, this can be hard if you do not have the right pruning tools. At TCLS we have the manpower and the tools to do this just right and give you an opportunity to blow your HOA away with the kind of lawn you will be keeping.
With a local lawn care company, all that you need to do is choose the package, and then every rule will be adhered to. While there are many rules to meet regarding your lawn, it is very important that you adhere to all of them because some can have implications on human health. For example, you will be told when you can use insecticides on your lawn, what types of insecticides you can use, when you ought to water your lawn and so many more. It can be quite a long list of rules to adhere to and that is why it is better to choose a landscaping company that offers such services.

Landscape maintenance services to help meet HOA deadlines

If you have been given a notice by your HOA outlining some of their rules that you may have violated and it has given you a deadline to correct them, we will offer you assistance. Whether it is for grass cutting services or other lawn care services, we will be there for you, just a phone call away. Remember, some of the jobs may require special tools. For example, some HOA rules even say how far the lowest limbs of your trees may extend. Thus, bushes, grass, trees and other plants have to be taken good care of.
One your HOA has sent you deadlines and you fail to comply by them, they may compel you to pay fines, and that is for every day that you will fail to comply after the deadline! Thus, you may find condo living to be an expensive affair. You only have two options – call a professional lawn and landscape maintenance services company, or do the job on your own. For the latter, you would need to have the right tools.
At TCLS, we help homeowners comply with their HOA rules by offering grass cutting services, landscape maintenance services, lawn design and installation, lawn lighting installation and general lawn care services.

Do not risk being fined for being out of HOA compliance. Call us today on 337-313-3002 to help you make your yard and plants compliant with your HOA rules. As a landscape maintenance services provider, we have lawn care programs to ensure you are always compliant.