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Do Your Lawn Maintenance Services Include Grub Control?

May 15, 2018
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Grub worm is a serious infestation that has destroyed many lawns in Louisiana and elsewhere. Grubs eat the roots of your vegetation and render all the hard work on your lawn useless. Luckily, if you are in southwest Louisiana, Tender Lawn Care Service is just a phone call away. We send an expert team to check the grub infestation in your lawn. We get rid of grub worms with our lawn maintenance services package, you can be assured that they’ll stay away for good.
The white grub is a serious destroyer, because it hits your grass from below. It attacks the roots of your lawn vegetation. So while you think that your lawn looks so good and is thriving, the opposite could be happening. You are losing your lawn from the roots up.  Our lawn care services include grub worm control. That way, you have experts to check your lawn anytime you suspect there is a grub infestation.

Why let TCLS lawn maintenance services control your grub infestation?

There are many reasons why it is important to let the professionals at TCLS take care of the grub worm problem for you. The first one is that grub worms eat everything in their way. They eat roots, sometimes they eat soil too. They also disrupt your lawn soil as they move around foraging for food.
Secondly, grub worms are food for other animals. Some birds feed on grub worm, and so do skunks, armadillos, wild pigs, raccoons, and others. Once they know that there is a tasty grub dish waiting for them under your lawn, they will not hesitate to tear it down, thus further damaging your vegetation and soil.
Many of the TCLS customers call asking how they can know whether they have a grub infestation in their lawn. This is an indication that many people get a grub attack without knowing what it is. In addition, there are different types of grub worms. The most dangerous one is the white grub worm but others like annual white grubs or just the regular grubs are just as destructive. With different species of grubs around, it can be for an inexperienced person to identify the type of grub attacking their lawn.

How the TCLS lawn maintenance services team identifies a grub attack

Early spring, late summer, and fall are the times to be on the lookout for grub attack on your lawn. If you see a brown patch in the middle, or any section of your lawn, you may have grub. Because you cannot be sure, it is best to call our professional lawn care company to do the assessment for you.
If you notice the presence of birds in your lawn pecking away at your grass, then it could be a grub infestation. Also look for visits from unwelcome guests like raccoons and wild pigs. They are most likely coming to your garden and lawn because they have identified a source of food.
You can always dig up a small patch in your lawn and if you notice grub, try to estimate the number in the small patch that you have dug up. If they are just a few, those may be ok. If they are many, say about ten and above, you need to take care of the infestation. You can call TCLS for grub control and other landscape maintenance services.
If you notice a decline in the growth and health of your lawn grass and other vegetation, even if you have been watering it as you should throughout summer, you have a grub attack. However, for certainty, we will assess the lawn expertly before administering any measures.

Grub control is part of our lawn care services

At TCLS we recommend that we start grub control during summer so that we can kill the grub eggs. Grub worms lay eggs, which hatch in fall and then stay underground in winter so that come early spring, they can start attacking your grass roots. Thus, when we come over to your lawn, we will prevent the grub eggs from hatching, meaning that in spring and summer, you can unveil your good-looking lawn without any vermin looking to eat your hard work away.
Grub is a good source of food for moles. The kind of damage that your lawn can suffer under a grub attack is nothing compared to what moles do. Moles burrow underground, creating tunnels and a maze of walkways and then they start breeding. They also eat the roots of your vegetation, and they cause your lawn to collapse. If you would like to get rid of moles and keep them away for a long time, our lawn maintenance services cover that too.
We usually effect grub control by spraying an insecticide into the soil and then we wash it down with water. It is important that this is done by professionals because at times, you may not be sure what quantity you need to use, which depends on the level of the grub infestation.
TCLS offers grub control as a standalone service, or you can also get it as part of our regular lawn maintenance services. We recommend that grub checking be done regularly so that if there is an attack, it can be thwarted at the earliest possible time. That way, grub doesn’t get an opportunity to damage your lawn which you have worked so hard to keep in prime condition.
Don’t wait for a grub attack. Water your lawn regularly, keep it well fertilized too, because grass that is getting enough nutrients all the time will recover fast in case of a grub attack.

Call us on 337-313-3002 if you have noticed two or more of the tell-tale signs that we have indicated above. We will help you get rid of the nasty grub. We will show you what insecticides you can administer from time to time to keep your lawn free of grub. Regular lawn care maintenance services are paramount in a grub-friendly area.