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Why Lawn Care Services Company Offers Irrigation Systems Checking

April 4, 2018
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Springtime is perfect for irrigation systems checking. You’ll be getting ready to provide your plants with sufficient water so that they can survive the summer heat. Sometimes, your irrigation system could have problems that you cannot detect with a casual look. You should call a lawn care services company for irrigation system maintenance. Once experts are dispatched to your lawn, they will make sure that your systems are ready for the summer drill.

Why expert lawn care services providers should check your irrigation systems

At Tender Care Lawn Service, we have experts skilled in different types of irrigation systems. If something is wrong with the sprinkler, they will be able to identify the problem quickly and will know the correct solution and needed replacement parts. Sometimes, there may be several problem areas and a thorough diagnosis and proper plans and decisions for your irrigation system may be required. If such is the case, we will let you know and give you a full quotation for the job.
We have expertise in programming sprinkler system, including configuring the sensors to determine when the plants might need water and starts sprinkling, or sense when to shut off because there is already enough moisture and save you astounding amounts of money in water bills. We also design the best setup for a new sprinkler system for your yard based on  your foliage, gradient, and water table. We will also consider the type of grass and other plants that you have on your yard and we will advise you accordingly about the best sprinkler system to buy.
Being based in Louisiana, we are intimately familiar with the seasons and watering needs. We also know, through our extensive experience, what types of issues are commonly faced with different irrigation systems which enables us to pinpoint and resolve issues quickly without much disruption to your lawn and minimal expense.

Lawn care services companies check for the most common damages first

So many things could happen to your irrigation system and some of them could be hard to decipher. Even the easier ones can sometimes be a challenge if you don’t know how to repair them.
Only professionals from companies that offer lawn care services and landscape maintenance services can usually find the problem and rectify it.

Some of the most common problems include:

Missing or broken sprinkler heads – Lawn mowers sometimes cause damage to sprinkler heads. This means such have to be replaced and re-installed properly. An expert is required for such repairs.
Replacing clogged nozzles – Sometimes, it could be just a clog in the system, when dirty water has pumped through or when debris has found its way into the system. This has to be removed for the sprinkler to work effectively.
Sealing leaks – System leaks could be costing you hundreds of dollars if left unattended for long. If you spot some soggy patches in the lawn, you need to call our lawn care company for a check. Leaks usually occur on the spray head because of debris finding its way into the sprinkler head. We will also determine whether we need to replace the entire sprinkler head, or just a part of it.
Sunken heads – This problem occurs when the lawn mower presses too hard on the sprinkler head, causing it to settle. Cut grass, soil and other types of dirt may get into the sprinkler head if it is not placed above the grass, causing erratic sprinkling. A good lawn care services company like Tender Care can fix that easily.
Correcting overspray – This is something that a homeowner can fix, if they know where to tweak and tune. Mostly it requires the adjustment of the nozzles, adjustment of the pressure as well as changing the nozzles to the correct sized ones.
Erratic spray arc – An incorrect spray pattern could mean more water going to the pavement than to the grass thus causing wastage. Before correcting this, our team will first determine what could be the cause and then they will set it right. If an erratic nozzle needs to be replaced with one that has the right spray pattern, they will do it.
When you do not have enough pressure – If the sprinkler head does not pop up, then it means there is low water pressure. If it does pop up and sprays a mist, then it means there is too much pressure. Too high and too low is not good at all. We will correct that for you.
So many things could go wrong with your irrigation system but our lawn care services experts will be there for you every step of the way. When you hire a lawn care services company, you are not looking for a one-off business setup. You are looking for a long-term relationship. We strive to cultivate that kind of collaboration with all of our customers in southwest Louisiana.
Our team is also backflow certified which means that while we’re out at your property checking your sprinklers, we can also test and certify that your backflow preventer is doing its job.

If you are apprehensive about the health of your lawn plants with summer coming up, call us on 337-313- 3002 regular irrigation systems checking, grass cutting services, lawn maintenance services and more.