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Grass Cutting Services versus Bush Hogging Services

April 28, 2018
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Spring is a great time to take care of your light brush which if left unattended would cause a lot of harm on your property or could hinder you from getting the full use out of your land. For example, brush does not only make your yard look untidy, but it also increases the multiplication of pests and insects that will in turn harm your plants. We have a solution for you. At TCLS, we provide bush hogging services, alongside our grass cutting services. We have served many customers in southwest Louisiana, bringing happiness and sunshine with every service that we provide.

What are bushhogging services?

Bush hogging is a tractor mowing service that TCLS offers to homeowners with big yards or land that has seen the proliferation of light brush, which you would like to get rid of fast. Bushhogging services are just a small part of the bigger lawn maintenance services packages that we offer our residential, business and corporate customers. It involves heavy, rotary-style mowing using a tractor, to get rid of all the light brush that is not more than 1-inch thick.
When you need this service, you can call us and we will send in a grass cutting services expert to survey the area that needs to be bush hogged. That way, we can give you a free estimate of what the entire job is going to cost you. We also like to assess the grounds before deploying our machines and tools to make sure it is free of rocks, flat and that it is dry enough for bush-hogging.

You need bushhogging services in addition to grass cutting services

Bushhogging services that we offer can be part of the larger package for grass cutting services, however we recommend that only experts should do bush hogging. A lawn mower is not handy for the job at all since it is made to mow grass, which is mostly just a few millimeters thick at best. However, when you have to mow something that is almost the thickness of your thumb, you know it needs something bigger.
When we come to do bushhogging in your yard, we use heavier machinery for light brush. For example, one of the most common equipment is a 50 horsepower tractor that pulls a 6 inch blade. No light brush can stand in the way of such a machine. However, we have gone an extra mile for our customers by sourcing for a 100-horsepower tractors for bushhogging and other grass cutting services. This way, our team of experts does a fast job all the time, giving you back your lawn in prime condition.
When you attempt to do your own bushhogging, you will at best clog your lawn mower and at worst, you are going to damage it beyond salvage. In addition, you may not know the permits that might be required to do bushhogging in your area. Our team of experts takes care of all that for you. When we do a survey on your lawn, we know the kind of foliage that we will be dealing and the equipment required for the same. If you like, we can make you one of our regular customers for lawn care services for your home.

After offering you bushhogging services

Our grass cutting services do not stop with bushhogging. We go further to inspect any problems that your land or lawn could be having. Our lawn maintenance services also include exterior pest control, weed control, mitigation measures to keep your soil in perfect health, irrigation systems installation, care and advice. If it is about your lawn, we have the skills and experience, and we will offer you helpful tips to ensure that you are always getting the best from the land.
Many people ask us whether we can maintain their property after we have finished with bushhogging. We do that and much more as we offer all types of lawn maintenance services. Certainly, the cost of maintenance is much lower when you have your property on a regular maintenance schedule. We are very thorough and timely in our services and we want you to get top use out of your land as soon as you need to.

If you have foliage on your land that you need taken care of, call us immediately at 337-313-3002 and we will send an expert to survey the land and see what is needed. We go beyond grass cutting services as we also offer full-blown landscape maintenance services.