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Why You Need Professional Lawn Maintenance Services Regularly

February 8, 2018
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Lawn maintenance services providers offer a variety of lawn related services to keep the grass healthy and robust all the time. Most people see beautiful, lush lawns in spring and summer, but they do not know the amount of work that it has taken. A lawn takes commitment and discipline to look good. Because of the busy professional lives that people lead today, maintaining their lawns is not always so easy. This is why at Tender Care Lawn services, we offer residential as well as commercial landscape maintenance services.
Lawn maintenance services come in many forms and packages too, some big, some small. Walk around looking at the grass. If you notice some thinned out patches, yellowing blades of grass, then you should know that your lawn requires a professional to look at it. The sooner this is done the better because it will help prevent the escalation of the problem if there is any.

Lawn care maintenance packages

Landscaping companies offer services starting with something as ordinary as mowing the lawn. If the grass grows too high, your lawn will look unsightly. In spring and summer, you may have to cut your lawn once every weekend or even more often. It is very important that the height of the grass be maintained at an optimum length because keeping it too short has the same damaging effect as keeping it too high. For large commercial lawns or small residential lawns, no project is too big to handle or too small to ignore for our grass cutting services team.
Lawn soil amendment is also very important. This is something that many homeowners find confusing as they do not know what lawn feed is important for their soil. If you have soil that has depleted all of its nutrients, then the lawn will look very unhealthy or may cease to grow at all. From time to time, you need to feed your lawn with the right nutrients.
Lawn maintenance services companies know that there are three very important minerals that your lawn needs – phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium. Each of the three play its role to give you a beautiful lawn whose sheen can last a long time. However, for the best outcome, a perfect balance between the three minerals should be maintained, that is, give the lawn what it needs most. This is why you need to consult with professional landscaping companies once you realize something is wrong with the lawn.
Organic compost manure is also helpful for your lawn, but if you do not have any, you can buy chemical lawn feed.
Another area where lawn owners need professional assistance is when it comes to weed control. Weeds are competitors for the resources and soil nutrients. They will deprive the grass of the nutrients that it needs so much to thrive. Some of the services to expect from professional landscaping companies include pre-emergent weed control, targeted weed control, fertilization and aeration.
Every season is lawn maintenance season. For example, there are lawn feeds that can best be applied during the winter, some during summer, spring and even some for fall. It can be quite a challenge to figure them out, but at Tender Care Lawn maintenance services, a professional team is dedicated to helping homeowners find out what is best for their soil, when and where.
Professional help is also required for pest and insect control, shrub and tree care. For this, everyone needs lawn care services company whose team lives in the local area. That way, they understand best what types of shrubs and trees do well, the good or bad insects, and the type of grass that can thrive well in the area.
From time to time, it is best to do a health check on your lawn because prevention is better than cure. Arrange professional lawn maintenance services to do regular health checks, and to arrest any problem before it can escalate.

Our professional lawn maintenance services team is always on standby to offer guidance on lawn health and maintenance. Call 337-313-3002 today if you need a professional lawn check, lawn feeding, grass cutting services, lawn care services, lawn maintenance services, landscape maintenance services. We also offer soil evaluation, weed control, and turf and ornamental pest control, and much more.