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Why Landscape Lighting Is Best Done By Professional Lawn Care Services Companies

February 23, 2018
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Lawn care services companies offer homeowners an opportunity to illuminate the gardens to perfection at night, to bring out the scenic beauty of their landscape and outdoor living spaces. What is the need of having a beautiful lawn and garden if all the beauty will go to sleep when the sun sets? Throughout the year, many landscape companies are engaged by homeowners and corporate clients to help light up their outdoor spaces.
A well-lit outdoor garden adds value to the home, so it is a good investment if you plan to resell the home in future. It adds character and when you have guests at night, the lights can accentuate the features that you are most proud of in your garden. However, for this positive effect to happen, only a professional lawn care company should do the lighting.

What is needed for landscape lighting?

Since landscape lighting is exposed to the elements of weather, it needs to be installed by professionals. At Tender Care Lawn services, we have a team of landscape lighting experts with many years of experience and skill. If you think your lawn looks drab and uninviting, if you have a garden path that you would like illuminated, just give us a call.
During spring and summer, lawn care services companies get many homeowners asking about landscape lighting. Most of them know that their gardens should be lit up, but they do not know what they need to bring their dreams to reality. A lot is involved in lawn lighting, from the choice of the lighting equipment and materials, to the bulbs themselves.
LED lighting is perfect for your lawn. It lasts a long time, and it uses about a third of the energy that a regular fluorescent lighting bulb uses. It can also last many years if installed right. The right outdoor cables that can withstand the rigors of the weather elements are required. Because so much is involved, only a professional team can help.
The size of your outdoors determines the number of LED lights that will be installed. It will also determine the size of the transformer that will be used. For a regular residential lawn, we mosty use a 300-watt transformer but for a large corporate lawn, we mostly use a 1200-Watt transformer.
The cost of the materials is included in the entire cost of the package that you choose. For example, at Tender Care, we offer a 300-watt transformer, 4 LED bulbs for path lights, four LED up lights and all the wire that will be reqired at competitive prices. This also covers the labor cost for the installation.

Lawn care services companies back up their work

A good lawn care services company backs up its work. This includes buying the best equipment that is covered by reasonable warranties. For example, a 15-year warranty on a transformer would be great, a year’s warranty for labor, and one night visit for adjusting the lighting. Tender Care Lawn services offers these and much more.
In addition to grass cutting services, you want your landscape lighting maintenance to be done by the same company. That means you do not have many contractors working in your home. The company that installs your landscape lighting knows how to maintain it best. So after the expiry of the one-year warranty, you can hire the same professional team to do regular checkups on your outdoor lighting.

Lawn care services company can expand your landscape lighting as needed

A lawn care services provider should be able to adjust the number of lights in your outdoors. Once you buy the required material, they should be able to offer you this service at a nominal cost depending on the labor required to install the lighting.
Lawn maintenance services providers also know what types of outdoor lighting is good for your lawn, deck and swimming pool. From well lights, deck lights, spotlights to accent lights, you will be advised accordingly about the best types of lights to install.
When you do not know what you need, you should be advised and get a free, no obligation quote. This makes the homeowner aware of the options they have that can be covered by their budget.
If you notice a problem with one your path lights, you should call the landscaping companies for a check. You may also arrange for regular checks every year so that potential problems can be arrested before they occur.

All-under-one-roof lawn maintenance services

It feels good to find a landscape maintenance services contractor that can offer everything that your lawn needs from lawn feeding, grass cutting and lighting. That way, you do not have to hop from one company to another in search of services.

Our professional lawn care services team can do a thorough check on your lawn if you need to install landscape lighting. Email us or call 337-313-3002 today if you plan to install outdoor lighting, need grass cutting services, landscape maintenance services, Christmas lights installation/removal or any other lawn and garden services.