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How landscaping companies prevent frozen pipes during cold weather

January 10, 2018
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Landscaping companies are usually kept quite busy in winter due to freezing pipes. Often we get calls only after the damage is already done and a leak is spotted due to wet spots around the yard. Being proactive is the best approach to ensure that you don’t waste precious water, time, and money this winter.

Landscaping companies suggest prevention tips

That “Prevention is better than cure” is widely known. That’s why we are happy to share some basic tips on how to prevent and avoid busted pipes during freezing weather.
Garden hoses can easily be managed by simply draining them and putting them away, however frozen well pumps, frozen backflow preventers, frozen sprinkler systems and outdoor water supply systems are a whole other matter. Swimming pool supply lines, pipes to water features, and even sprinklers need to be drained so that water doesn’t freeze inside them when the temperature drops. It’s also advisable to shut off valves to your outdoor hose bibs.
Landscaping companies also advise against using anti-freeze in your outdoor water supply lines as not only is this harmful for your family (two and four-legged) and the environment, but it doesn’t actually prevent pipes from freezing.
If you have a backflow prevention device, it’s important to winterize it. Because of it’s placement, if the device freezes and busts, this can result in flooding and serious property damage and subsequently a hefty repair bill.
This is one of the first things that landscaping companies check for when doing a quality assurance check. A simple method to prevent freezing is to turn the valve to an angle of 45 degrees and wrap the bonnet and poppet assembly and the valve in a towel or thick cloth for insulation. Finally, cover the entire apparatus with plastic or even a plastic bag and secure it. You should also drain the backflow system if possible.
It’s best to do a prevention check rather than find out after the fact that you have to replace pipes and deal with messy cleanup and a costly cure.

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