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Why landscaping companies recommend living Christmas trees

December 1, 2017
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As Christmas draws near, folks look forward to the tradition of decorating their Christmas tree with their families. Often there’s a debate on whether to use a cut tree or an artificial one. Landscaping companies now present another contender for consideration – a living Christmas tree.
Those that are afflicted by allergies may choose an artificial tree, whereas those that look forward to the piney fragrance opt for a cut tree. However, landscaping companies know that there are pros and cons to each option. Cutting trees for a few weeks of Christmas spirit is a sad prospect especially when it comes time to dispose of the tree, although the tree can be re-purposed and used for mulch, for firewood, or even around your yard and lake.
Artificial trees on the other hand are usually made from non-biodegradable materials and ultimately just serve as garnish on a landfill.

The benefits of a living Christmas tree

We grow up with the idea that Christmas is incomplete without a Christmas tree. This idea soon becomes a tradition. As our lawn care services team has grown older and wiser, we have realized that importance, not only from an environmental perspective but also from a sentimental one, that preserving that tree is vital. Not only does it serve as a reminder, every day, of the feelings of love and joy, but we also save a tree, and turn away from tree felling for commercial purposes.
A fir tree in your back or even front yard not only adds a different flavor to your garden, but imagine decorating your tree for different holidays such as Halloween, 4th of July, and even thanksgiving! Who says that a Christmas tree can’t be a holiday tree?

Landscaping companies can help get you ready for a living Christmas tree

When preparing for a potted Christmas tree that will soon find a permanent home in your garden, it’s important to plan ahead.
Acclimatizing the tree
Before bringing the tree indoors and moving it back outdoors, it’s important to acclimatize the tree over a period of up to 2 weeks. Move the tree to an indoor-outdoor area such as an open garage or covered area for a few days and then bring it indoors. In your home, find a place for it that is away from heated areas such as furnaces, fireplaces, and vents. It’s best to limit the indoor period for the tree to less than 2 weeks.
Before re-planting, re-do the acclimatizing process before planting the tree in it’s new home. To reduce needle loss while the tree is indoors, talk to our landscape maintenance services team about anti-desiccant or anti-wilt chemicals.
Preparing the new home
During the acclimatization process, it’s also important to identify and prepare a permanent home for the tree in your garden. Our lawn care services team can assist by determining the dimensions for the dig area based on your tree’s root ball. The area should be deep enough to match the depth of the root ball, but twice the width. Landscaping companies recommend doing this before the ground freezes so that you don’t have to put in the extra elbow grease to dig through hardened soil.
Planting and aftercare
Our landscape maintenance services experts can undertake the proper planting and after-care needed for your tree to ensure that it survives the transition from your home to your garden. This includes helping with identifying the best home for your tree, digging the area, working with you on the acclimatization process, planting the tree, mulch and water management, and even periodic checks to ensure that the tree is flourishing in it’s new home.
A living Christmas tree will bring joy to your family and garden year-round and start a new tradition and appreciation for trees and memories.

Call our landscape maintenance services team on 337-313-3002 today to help with tree selection, preparation, planting, and aftercare. We also provide Christmas light installation, hanging, and removal services, pre and post-emergent lawn care services, shrub and hedge trimming, fence staining services, grass cutting services, and more.