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The flowering dogwood presented by our landscape maintenance services team

October 7, 2017
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If you’re looking to create a serene and ethereal scene in your garden, look no further. Our landscape maintenance services team is happy to recommend just the tree for you – the flowering dogwood.

Our lawn maintenance services team shares their experience on the flowering dogwood

The flowering dogwood is a sturdy tree with beautiful blooms that make an appearance starting in spring and continue through summer. The blooms are usually white although there are red, pink, and blend varieties as well. The varieties of flowering dogwood include Blue Ray Kousa dogwood, Celestial Shadow dogwood, Cherokee Brave dogwood, Cherokee Chief dogwood, Cloud 9 dogwood, pink flowering dogwood, red flowering dogwood, and Kousa dogwood.
The flowers have a diameter of about 3-4 inches and bloom in April, generally ahead of the leaf display. Not to be outdone, most varieties have leaves that change color in the fall or have interesting leaf patterns, that ensure the beauty of the tree during fall as well. The flowers give way to berries that attract birds during the winter, making this a wonderful tree year-round.
Select your planting site to suit your needs and view while also considering your variety’s needs for sun and soil to enable the tree to grow to its full potential. Although you can grow dogwood from seed, to take advantage of the blooms sooner, it’s best to opt for a potted tree. Our landscape maintenance services team can transplant trees to ensure that the root ball is handled carefully and transplanted properly. They will also share aftercare instructions with you so you can give your tree the attention it needs while it adapts to its new home.
The blooms will convince you to become more of an outdoors person and spend many an hour under the tree enjoying a book, a picnic, or just the view. Expect to wow everyone with this elegant choice of trees.

Our landscape maintenance services team gives some tips about planning your garden

It’s best to ascertain your gardening goals before going to a nursery and randomly selecting trees. Most of our clients want a yard that is inviting and appealing throughout the year. In cases such as these, our lawn maintenance services team discusses tree options and elaborates on each tree’s blooms, fragrances, benefits, care requirements, and seasons.
It’s also important to select trees based on your yard size, soil and drainage, and placement plans. If your yard is smaller, you may need to alter your tree selection. Alternately, certain trees that may have potentially invasive roots should be placed at a distance from structures to avoid damage to the tree or property.
Trees provide tremendous benefits to a garden. With this addition to your yard, you have erosion control, a shady spot to read a book, an attraction for the birds, and mostly a beautiful sight to behold.

Call our landscape maintenance services team on 337-313-3002 today to choose the flowering dogwood or other trees for your gardenscape. We also provide lawn maintenance services, shrub and hedge trimming, fence staining services, grass cutting services, and more.