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Landscape maintenance services that weather the storm

September 21, 2017
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Landscaping companies are often in high demand during the months of June through September because of storms. In addition to our usual landscape maintenance services, we often get calls after a storm due to storm related damage. Being proactive is the best way to go to avoid having to wait for a cleanup crew to arrive while dealing with the storm damage.

Landscape maintenance services before a storm

It’s best to keep your lawn in good shape so that you’re not caught unawares when a storm arrives. Doing a cursory check of your garden and surrounding areas will help you determine any potential hazards that need to be dealt with. Some quick things to check or have checked by our lawn maintenance services team are –

  • Trees –
  • Check for any weakness in trees or limbs to determine if they need pruning. Dead limbs or trees can cause much havoc if not properly dealt with. Damage to your garden, fence, other trees, or even your home can occur due to fallen trees or limbs. If storms are strong enough, uprooted trees can also be hazardous, so it’s good to check that trees are well rooted in the surrounding soil.

  • Permanent and temporary structures –
  • This is also a good time to check your fences, play structures, and any other garden structures you may have. Our landscape maintenance services team can secure fence posts and other garden structures like fountains and lighting to help them withstand the storm.

  • Low lying areas –
  • If you have low lying areas in your yard, our landscape maintenance services team can help level things out so you don’t have to deal with patches, flooding, or mosquitos after a storm.

  • Drainage –
  • Check to make sure that your drains are functioning properly and aren’t blocked to avoid flooding and pooling of water.

Being prepared before a storm is definitely a more cost effective approach. You also benefit from our team getting to you in enough time to address your needs rather than having to wait till other customers are taken care of in the aftermath of a storm.

Landscape maintenance services after a storm

Sometimes, a storm can take you by surprise, and cleanup is inevitable. Despite your best efforts, damage could be caused by debris that’s traveled from a neighboring property or further away. It’s always best to simply handle things in a calm and methodical way. If it’s safe to go out and survey your property, do so. Make a list of all the things that need to be dealt with and determine what you can do yourself and where you may need the assistance of our lawn maintenance services team. Using proper equipment and gear, take care of leaves, branches, and other manageable debris. For larger debris, trees, limbs, fences, etc. you may need to contact a professional. Landscaping companies can take care of most of your yard related cleanup and fixes. For tasks that are outside our scope of services, we can recommend reputable and experienced service providers that can assist.
So don’t let storms and bad weather uproot your sense of calm. Our lawn maintenance team is at your service both before and after stormy weather.

Call our landscape maintenance services team on 337-313-3002 today for debris in your yard, broken limbs, leaf cleanup, and more. We also provide lawn maintenance services, shrub and hedge trimming, fence staining services, grass cutting services, and more.