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Our lawn maintenance services and grass cutting services team talks about stinging grass

September 7, 2017
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Our grass cutting services team often comes across vicious weeds in yards during our regular maintenance.  Our clients too sometimes have the misfortune of discovering vengeful flora and hastily contact our lawn maintenance services team for the guidance and assistance.  What could possibly be the cause of such fear and loathing?  Stinging plants and grass could incite a rash of fear amongst the calmest of people.

Our grass cutting services team helps you recognize stingers

Our grass cutting services team can easily identify rogue plants that can be considered harmful to humans and pets.  There are may such plants and grasses to watch out for.
Among these are the burning nettles and stinging nettles which generally affect fence rows, ditch banks, and roadsides.  The bulb of these plants encloses a needle-like point which penetrates the skin on contact.  This results in reddish rash-type patches on the affected area and itching and burning as well.
Certain weeds can also be the source of much grief such as Lawn Bur Weed or “stinging grass” and Sawgrass.  Lawn Bur Weed or spurweed thrives during the fall months and goes through a rapid growth period in early spring.  The burs stick and prick.  Sawgrass (which is not really a grass), has sharp teeth like points along its leaves which can be quite painful.

Our lawn maintenance services team advises on dealing with the weed

The first step when encountering such a pest is proper diagnosis.  The best way to approach things is cautiously.  If you’ve already been stung, take care of the affected area.  Then, amply armed, re-approach the problem spot and identify if it’s an insect-based infestation or a plant-based infestation that you’re dealing with.  If it is in fact plant-based, contact your landscape maintenance services team and have them eliminate the infestation.  They should also inspect other parts of your yard to ensure that the infestation hasn’t spread already and treat the lawn to avoid any nasty surprises in the future.  Another option is to take a sample of the suspect to your local home and garden store and ask for advice on what the proper elimination method is.  Either way, be sure to handle the plant carefully to avoid direct contact and also mark the spot to ensure family members and pets stay well away till the infestation has been handled.

Our landscape maintenance services team shares tips on how to deal with the rash

When dealing with a sting or a burn, it’s natural to want to touch the area and investigate it.  Unfortunately that spreads the poison/acid injected by the plant.  Rinse the area with cold water.  Certain soaps can aggravate the problem.  Some natural remedies you can use are –

  1. Baking soda and cold water – combine the two and make a paste, then apply it to the affected area.  Use a dabbing  motion rather than spreading the paste.  This will help to relieve some of the symptoms.
  2. Aloe vera juice – this versatile and medicinal plant is used for many ailments and aloe vera juice can also be used to reduce the burning and treat the inflamed area.
  3. Dockweed and jewelweed – these little heroes generally grow in the vicinity of nettles.  Crush the leaves and apply to the affected area.

In case of severe cases, contact a medical professional for advice and assistance.
Any lawn maintenance services expert will tell you that prevention is certainly better than cure.  If you’re afflicted by these or other weeds, talk to our grass cutting services team about the health of your lawn and the best way to ensure that these weeds don’t infest your garden.

Call our lawn maintenance services team on 337-313-3002 today if you need assistance with stingers or other weeds.  We also provide fence staining services, grass cutting services, landscape maintenance services, shrub and hedge trimming, and more.