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Why landscaping companies prefer mulching over bagging

August 22, 2017
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Landscaping companies discuss certain options with their customers.  Among these is the choice of mulching or bagging grass clippings.  There are some folks that prefer bagging so that they don’t have to deal with the possibility of grass clippings getting blown about or even out of lack of knowledge of the benefits of mulching.  Our grass cutting services team takes the time to advise each customer about the pros of mulching grass before they start mowing so that a well-informed decision can be made.

So why do landscaping companies prefer mulching anyway?

There are many types of mulches available in the market and can be bought in bags or in bulk.  However, here’s something to consider.  Grass clippings and even leaves can be mulched and used in your garden.
Grass clippings and leaves are an organic option for your lawn.  This can mean quite a bit in savings since you don’t have to buy mulch from a store.
Mulching your grass also returns important nutrients back to the soil, namely water and nitrogen, which fertilizes the soil and keeps your grass healthy.  Healthy grass, in turn, means less weeds, and a reduced need for spraying or spreading weed killers.  Plus, with “grass-cycling”, you can reduce your need for packaged fertilizer as well.
Additionally, mulching also keeps your soil cool by conserving the water level in the soil and reducing the rate of evaporation.  This is especially helpful during the summer or if you’re getting away for the weekend and won’t be able to water your lawn.

Here are some tips from our grass cutting services team

Landscaping companies that offer grass cutting services follow certain best practices when it comes to mulching grass clippings.
A mower that’s geared toward mulching is your best bet for quality mulching. A mulching mower has a special blade which mulches the clipped grass and spreads it back on the lawn. It’s important to have a mower with enough power to mulch for the best results. It’s also important not to speed through the mowing process or you’ll end up with patchy results. Our grass cutting services team also inspects our equipment before mowing to ensure that the mower is grass free and the blade is sharp enough to do the job.
Landscaping companies will often advise not to mow more than 1/3rd of the grass length at a time. This ensures that the existing grass stays healthy and can grown back effectively. During summers it’s prudent to mow more frequently as grass tends to grow faster. This may seem like a huge undertaking but it’s healthier for your lawn versus waiting for longer periods between mowings. Shorter clippings break down faster and ensure that a thatching problem does not occur in your garden.
It’s also better not to mow shortly after watering your lawn to avoid grass sticking to your lawn mower blades and causing grass to clump together which results in an uneven mow.
Landscaping companies are always happy to share tips and advice on growing and maintaining a healthy lawn. Reach out to our team by phone or email with any questions you have on lawn and garden care.

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