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Landscape Maintenance and Grass cutting services – Zoysia grass

July 31, 2017
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Homeowners and builders often ask their landscaping companies for recommendations on which grass is the best choice.  Our landscape maintenance services and grass cutting services team is experienced and can guide you on which grass to choose based on your individual needs.
There are many grasses that you can choose from including Bermuda, Fescue, Kentucky BlueGrass, Centipede, Carpet Grass, and our all time favorites – Zoysia.

Why our landscape maintenance services team prefers Zoysia

  1. It’s well suited for our climate –
  2. Although zoysia is a warm season grass, it can tolerate cold weather very well and go dormant during the winter.  In the spring, when temperatures climb to around 50° it “awakens” and turns from golden brown to green again.

  3. It requires less water –
  4. Zoysia grass requires less watering as it’s root system goes deep into the soil and also extends laterally.  This enables the root system to find moisture within the soil rather than requiring frequent waterings.

  5. It’s weed resistant –
  6. As Zoysia’s root system goes deep as well as extends sideways in multiple directions, it runners create a dense sod which give little room for weeds to take root.  This reduces the chemicals you need to use in your garden making it safer for your family and pets.

  7. It’s family and pet friendly –
  8. If you’re looking for a grass that can bear up to heavy foot and paw traffic, this one’s your best bet.  Since Zoysia spreads in multiple directions and forms a dense sod, it repairs itself in case of damage.  It can also handle pet waste better than other grasses, however if you’re concerned about the health of your grass, talk with your landscape maintenance services or grass cutting services team about damage preventative measures.

  9. It tolerates the shade and sunshine –
  10. Large trees can often affect the health and growth of your grass.  Trees can usurp valuable nutrients and also block out necessary sunlight needed by the grass.  Zoysia bears up well as long as it gets between 2 and 4 hours of direct sunlight each day.  Your landscape maintenance services team or grass cutting services team can also test your soil periodically to ensure that the soil pH is between 6 – 7.

  11. It’s great for areas prone to erosion –
  12. Since Zoysia’s root system goes deep and the runners spread in different directions, it serves as a great preventer of soil erosion for areas that are prone to flooding or are sloping.

What our grass cutting services has to say about Zoysia

Zoysia requires less mowing, in fact almost 2/3rd less than other grasses.  This is because Zoysia grows laterally which slows the upwards growth.  The grass should be mowed if it’s height exceeds 1/3rd inch over 1½ to 2½ inches.  During the summer months, it’s best to increase the mowing height.  This reduces the stress on your lawn.
Since Zoysia is naturally weed resistant, less chemicals are required for the maintenance and upkeep of your lawn.  Mowing helps keep weeds at bay and improves the health of your grass.
Our grass cutting services team also recommends periodically removing the cuttings after mowing the grass.  This reduces the chances of thatching and enables water, fertilizers, and sunshine to easily reach the grass.
Zoysia has proven time and time again, to be the top choice for our landscape maintenance services team as well as our residential and commercial clients.  Even builders that are starting new projects, choose Zoysia for their lawns and gardens.

Call our landscape maintenance services team on 337-313-3002 today to discuss your new or existing lawns.  We also provide grass cutting services, landscape maintenance services, shrub and hedge trimming, and more

Team working together to get some Zoysia sod on the ground! If you have never looked into zoysia sod, this stuff is the best for someone always in their yard! So soft!