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Commercial landscaping goes beyond grass cutting services

May 22, 2017
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Commercial landscaping involves more than grass cutting services provided by landscaping companies.  Landscaping includes beautification of a generally high-traffic area while keeping the space functional and practical.
Landscaping companies can help get you started or take on your maintenance needs.  Whether yours is an upcoming or pre-existing commercial property, Tender Care Lawn Service can work with your commercial landscaping plan or help you come up with one.

Identifying your landscaping needs

On pre-existing commercial properties, our commercial landscaping specialists will discuss your plans for landscape modifications, improvements, infrastructure, watering, and drainage.  Whether you’re installing a new driveway, flower beds, water features, or privacy lines, it’s important to consider what’s in place already and how to ensure that your modifications complement the practical use aspect of the space.
Upcoming commercial properties can be planned and designed in tandem with the building plans.  This enables us to plan the ground level infrastructure after surveying the land and make appropriate recommendations based on your needs.

Procure your lawn care supplies using landscaping companies

Landscaping companies know what types of plants and grass will work well for your space.  Whether you need grass that will stand up to heavy foot traffic, or plants that are low maintenance or shady trees for a school yard, they have the experience to make great recommendations.
Tender Care’s lawn care services team also knows where to go to get you the best deals on lawn care supplies, trees, plants, paving stones, water features and more.  With our network of providers, you can rest assured that you’ll get a great deal on any improvements and upgrades you’re looking to make.

Planning grass cutting services and other long term maintenance

Even before your commercial landscaping is complete, our lawn care services team will have a schedule in mind for maintenance and grass cutting services.  Regular maintenance includes sprinkler maintenance, spraying for turf pests, tree and shrub trimming, plant replacement, plant nourishment, trimming and grass cutting services, and more.
Our lawn care specialists can also customize annual maintenance packages based on your needs and our evaluation of your commercial property.
Tender Care Lawn Services is happy to help with your residential and commercial landscaping needs.  We’re now also a part of the Home Builders Association of Southwest Louisiana.

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