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Using bush hogging and grass cutting services for your land

April 6, 2017
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Now that winter is over and April showers and warm weather is around the corner, it’s time to think about getting that shrub and grass tackled. The combination of the temperature and water allows the foliage to grow wild.  While it may seem out of control, our bush hogging and grass cutting services can get your land and yard shipshape in no time.
Being a lawn care company, we know what it takes to keep your land healthy and happy.  That’s why we advise our family, friends, and customers about the importance of timely and proper landscape maintenance services.  Sometimes, life just gets in the way, and what could easily be tackled as a weekend task, becomes an overbearing jungle of overgrown grass, thick shrubbery, and thorny bushes.  That’s where we come in.

Bush hogging versus grass cutting services

We often hear the question “Why do I need a bush hog?  Can’t my lawn mower do the job?”  While grass cutting services can be recommended for grass up to 10” tall, tackling shrubs and brush is a whole other story.  Not only will that clog the mower, but it can take a lot of manual labour to get through the growth.  If you have a larger area such as an open lot that you’re preparing for construction, or land that you want to farm or garden on, then approaching the land clearing with the wrong tools can truly be a bad investment of time and other resources.
It’s advisable to take a step back and determine the right path forward.  It’s time to call in the pros.
Most landscaping companies offer bush hogging services, but our lawn care company has taken things one serious step further.  We’ve recently added to our tools and vehicles to ensure that our landscape maintenance services team does the job right the first time around.
Our big 100 horse power tractor to do large commercial, industrial, residential bush hogging quickly and efficiently and let you keep with your project or task schedule.

How we go about it

Once you give us a call, we come out and survey the property to see exactly what type of foliage we’re dealing with.  This enables us to create a plan and bring the right machines and tools with us.  This is also when we discuss your plans for the property and give you guidance on how to plan your land care and landscaping.  We give you a schedule so you know what activities will take place and when and arrive on the designated day to get the job done.
Once the land is cleared and has been assessed, it allows us to identify any potential problem areas and provide you recommendations and landscape maintenance services including grass cutting services that you can avail of.
We believe in being thorough to ensure that you get the best use of your land whether you’re looking to develop it for commercial, industrial, farming, or even residential use.

Give us a call today and we can come check out your land and give you an estimate.  We assure you that your land will be ready for whatever project you have in mind and you’ll be calling us back for grass cutting services, weed and turf pest control, and more.