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Why our lawn care company suggests a 6-step approach to a healthier and greener lawn

April 19, 2017
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We’re often asked why a lawn care company is needed for lawn maintenance when a person can “easily” do it themselves.  Another popular question is “Why Tender Care and not other landscaping companies?”
Well it’s no accident that our name has the words “tender” and “care”.  We are truly a “family owned and operated” business and know what your home and garden means to you.  Furthermore, we’ve taken our passion for plants and gardens and built a lawn care company that cares for each garden and lawn as well as every customer.  Ask any of our customers or check out their yards and you’ll know what we mean.

Here’s what sets our lawn care company apart from other landscaping companies

We believe in analysis and inspection.  This is important because you may call us out for a certain conundrum but the root cause may be something else.  By only solving the immediate problem, that issue will recur.  That’s why our lawn care company takes the time to understand the issue from you, but also walks and inspects the affected area to identify any other issues that may or may not be associated with the problem.  This ensures that you don’t only have immediate relief, you also have a long term solution, as well as stem any other issues from cropping up.
Whether you have a commercial or residential property, it’s equally important to pay attention to the landscaping.  After all, first impressions can make a big difference.  Our lawn care company believes in going beyond just a beautiful lawn and ensuring that every plant, tree, and grassy area is healthy to give you a greener and more beautiful landscape.
Our lawn care company has also devised a year-round approach to lawn care so that for every season, your lawn or garden has the necessary care and attention to thrive and flourish.

What our 6-step program includes

Our 6-step program is truly a year-round approach to caring for your lawn.  Towards the end of winter, we start by preparing your lawn or garden for the growing season with pre/post emergent and potassium.  This helps plants grow faster, healthier, stronger, and be more drought, pest, and weed resistant.  From the onset of spring, we put out fertilizer and insecticide.  Next is another treatment of pre/post emergent and iron which helps the production of chlorophyll.  In the summer, we apply another round of fertilizer, granular weed controller, iron, pre/post emergent, and insecticide.  As fall and winter approach, we continue with the pre/post emergent application as well as another application of potassium.
All our applications and treatments are done after an inspection is conducted at each visit.  We also conduct soil testing, pH correction, and lawn aeration if needed.  Our year-round program allows us to consistently monitor your lawn and be proactive in its care.

Call our lawn care company today and we can come check out your land and give you an estimate for our year-round 6-step program.