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Landscape maintenance services for your sprinklers and irrigation systems

March 20, 2017
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Summer’s around the corner and the temperature’s a-risin’. You love your lawn, we know. Our landscape maintenance services team can help you care for it.
You may not know this but lawns are regularly victimized by their owners; they are either drowned by being given too much water or starved with not enough and are left to brown and die. (Not cool – pun intended)
As we all look for the best ways to save time and money, your local lawn care professionals are keeping track of how we should be saving water and resources.
Our vote goes to sprinkler and irrigation systems for the best way to save water, time, and money, all in one go.

Why install a sprinkler or irrigation system

With sprinkler systems you’ll be able to rest at ease in the heat. It will allow you to stop dragging out the water hose and possibly over watering the yard. With an auto shut off system and timer, you’re all taken care of.
Imagine wanting to take a weekend off and not having someone to water your lawn.  Your garden’s going to be parched by the time you get back, rested and relaxed.
As always, there will always people that choose DIY (Do It Yourself). More power to you. For those that aren’t as familiar with the best time to dig up the yard or willing to rent a pipe-pulling machine or how to set up about half a mile of PVC pipe and a timing system we’re here for you.

Deciding on a sprinkler or irrigation system

If you’ve made a trip to your local home and garden store or even gone online to do your research, you know that the options available are aplenty.  Now it comes down to what type of system to choose and why.
Some points are fairly important, such as –

  1. Does the system have an automatic timer and zone configuration?
  2. Is there an auto shut off feature?
  3. Can the system withstand cold winter temperatures?
  4. How easy or complicated is it to use?
  5. What types of sprinkler heads and spray options are there?
  6. Spray or “fixed spray” heads versus Rotor heads.  The former sprays in a set direction similar to a shower, whereas the rotor heads move back and forth or in a circular motion.
  7. Managing water supply for a lawn versus a garden.
  8. What about a rain sensor?
  9. Does this particular system make sense for my soil type?
  10. What about water run-off?

Installing a system no doubt requires much thought and planning even before digging an inch of ground.

Our landscape maintenance services team can help

We go beyond just grass cutting services.  Our landscape maintenance services team is trained to dig, prep and install systems in a 1-2 day session. You’ll be glad you called.  This can actually be an educational experience for some.
We’ll check your water pressure, gradients, layout the zone and head strategy according to your lawn size and vegetation needs, manage the measuring and cutting of the pipe (in and around obstacles), do the digging, pipe setting, and timer system setup and testing.  We’ll even demo the system for you and give you pointers on the best time of the day to water your yard.
Whether you have a lawn or garden or both, we’ll determine the best type of irrigation needed that takes care of all your needs.  Based on our experience with different systems, we can make the best recommendations for soil type, lawn use, and of course budget.
Spring is the best time to install an irrigation system as the ground is not too wet or dry and definitely not frozen.

Give us a call today and we can come check out your lawn and garden and give you an estimate.  You’ll be so thrilled with our work that you’ll ask us back for grass cutting services, weed and turf pest control, and more.