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Landscape maintenance services to get your garden ready for spring

March 5, 2017
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Spring is on it’s way, and plants and flowers are getting ready to adorn the ground.  Now’s a great time to talk to our landscape maintenance services team about your soil aeration needs.  After winter and the recent showers, your soil may need some TLC to help your plants get a good start at the beginning of the blossoming year.

Why does my soil need aerating?

Soil aeration is essentially the process of introducing air, well oxygen really, into your soil and releasing carbon dioxide and other toxins from the soil.
Just like people, plants and the microbes in your soil need a fresh supply of air in order to help them thrive and grow.  There’s a process to it all.  Aerated soil promotes root growth, which in turns helps the plant overall.  It also helps the roots better absorb the nutrients in the soil and keeps disease away.
Even the insects, worms, and microorganisms that inhabit the soil benefit from the oxygen in the soil for their respiration and metabolism.  The health of these critters affects the health of your soil which in turn impacts the health of your plants.
In a nutshell, poorly aerated soil is going to manifest as poor health of your plants.

Okay, so how do I aerate my soil?

There is no dearth of tools and apparatus available to aerate your soil.  Ask at your local home and garden store or contact our landscaping maintenance services team about soil aeration options.  You can opt for a manual or motorized tool depending on your lawn size and your desire to get a good workout.
Feel like a walk?  Grab some strap-on spike shoes and get going.  If you want to punch holes, use hollow cylinders and punch holes into the soil.  Great for the legs too.  Check at your garden supply store to see what they offer.
On the automated front, check your riding mower to see if it has aerator attachments.  Alternately, check into automated aerators and core aerators which will also do the job.
You may also opt to use an ionized soil conditioner that are dual acting and help loosen the soil as well as promotes healthy microorganism growth.

Calling our landscape maintenance services team

Leveraging the expertise of landscaping companies is another option available to home and property owners.  Renting an aerator can be a costly endeavor and require an extra set of hands for the loading and unloading.  Landscaping companies, on the other hand, already own the equipment necessary for soil aeration and have the necessary muscle power to tote it around.  If you’re not sure whether your soil does need aeration, call our landscape maintenance services team and we can come out and do an assessment and estimate for you.  Once we have a clear understanding of your soil composition and needs, and your existing landscape, we know what tools we need to bring along on aeration day.  Existing landscape beds and trees need special care to ensure that their root systems aren’t damaged.  “Aeration Day” is also a great time to discuss any other lawn maintenance services such as grass cutting services, soil testing, weed management, exterior pest management, lawn beautification, and more.
We offer our landscape maintenance services year-round but also are very attuned to seasonal needs.  Of course, we’re happy to help you with your lawn and garden overhaul and beautification plans anytime.

Give us a call today on 337-313-3002 to discuss your lawn care needs.  We assure you a healthy and happy garden every time.