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Time to plan your trimming and mulching landscape maintenance services

February 26, 2017
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Our lawn care company has commenced trimming and mulching landscape maintenance services for the year.  It’s time to trim and mulch the landscape beds back to a more than adequate appearance for spring and add value to your view. As you invite your friends and family over for various occasions you’ll be proud to show off your flowers and shrubs in style.
Tender Care Lawn Services can do full landscape maintenance services including trimming and mulching but for those that just want us to do the heavy lifting and hard work for you we can do that too! Let’s say you want to clean out your bed, remove weeds, till, or transplant bushes, trees, etc we’re all set to support you. This way it leaves you with a clean slate for you to do your own planting without all the fuss.
We can widen beds, reset edges, recondition the soil, move and replant large plants and shrubs and add the mulch. At your own pace you can then fill in the rest with your own choice of either flowers or vegetation. All this complements the house as it sets a contrast to the remainder of your landscape.

When working the Earth we realize that all that comes from the Earth will return to the Earth.

Something to remember when you’re calling on our professional landscape maintenance services company to do the work, we’re using thoughtful and environmentally friendly methods as much as possible. As we are pulling, cutting, trimming and clearing, we are following it up with mulching. Not only is this is a natural approach to cleanup, it will save you money on buying mulch.
A number of homeowners still think they can simply plant anything anywhere. This belief can cause you wasted time and some heartache. Plants need proper sunlight and exposure (time in the sun).
Let us know if you need any help discussing your options – like what plants are best where, what fertilizers to use and so much more.
We’ll help you enjoy your land but more importantly, we’ll help you treat it right.

Call our lawn care company today for an estimate or a visit to your home.