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Beauty in Bonsai

January 13, 2017
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Many clients have asked our lawn care company staff about how to make their garden look unique or add an exotic flavor to their existing lawn.  We’ve helped clients design their new lawn or update their existing garden by recommending flowering plants, grasses, or even shrubs that can be trimmed and shaped to add whimsy.  An idea that’s easily overlooked is using bonsai to give layers, depth, color, and style to your garden space or even an area indoors.

Getting started with bonsai –

Initially, it may seem daunting to take on the responsibility of a bonsai that has different needs than other plants and trees that seem more hardy.  Not so.  Our lawn care company can guide you on selecting bonsai that are forgiving as well as adaptable with some care.  Green Mound juniper, Trident maple, and Chinese elm are good starter options for an outdoor space, whereas for indoors a Ficus or Schefflera are ideal for areas in your home that get ample sunlight.  Outdoor bonsai are natively grown in an outdoor space whereas indoor bonsai are more suited to tropical areas and should be protected from the cold.

Planning your space with a lawn care company –

Whether you decide to add bonsai to your indoor or outdoor space, it’s import to discuss options with a lawn care company.  They can guide you on the sunlight, space, colour, shedding and other other such considerations that must be thought out before you buy your bonsai.
For indoor spaces, keep in mind that bonsai require ample natural light and spaces away from drafts and excess heat.  To avoid creating an arid environment, it’s good to keep your bonsai moist.  This is easy to do with the help of a shallow tray that contains a small amount of water and rocks.
For outdoor varieties, most of these can and should be kept outside throughout the year.  Select varieties that are suited to Louisiana weather.  To help the bonsai survive temperature swings and temperature lows, move your bonsai to a sheltered space in your garden and put a 3” deep layer bark mulch or mound pine needles around the pot or container.  Check on the bonsai periodically to ensure that the mulch is still intact and water weekly or bi-weekly.  Once the warm weather returns, you can clear away the mulch and place your bonsai in a more suited area of your garden.

Selecting your plants –

There are many varieties of bonsai available locally and also online.  Our lawn care company experts can guide you on selecting the right bonsai for you based on your space, colour, and feature requirements.
Whether you’re looking to create a Japanese zen garden, want to add some plants near your patio or a sitting area, or even liven up your reading space indoors, the flowering and non-flowering options are numerous.
It’s also important to consider how you want your plants to look in the future so having a design in mind helps you train your bonsai by pruning, wiring, fertilizing, repotting, and more.
From simple bonsai bamboo (a great option for a well-lit sitting space), to bonsai pomegranate trees, from fragrant bonsai gardenia to the bright yellow blooms of forsythia, there are endless possibilities.

After care –

It’s important to care for your bonsai both indoor and outdoor varieties.  Both have different needs and are subject to different environments than their native home.  Checking that your bonsai get the sunlight they need (but not too much sun) and watering them if the top of the soil is dry encompass their basic care.  Placing bonsai on a low table or stool also protect them from critters and accidental bumps alike.  Pruning and fertilizing should also be planned for the healthy growth of your bonsai.  If you move your outdoor bonsai indoors for a special occasion, don’t forget to take them back outside in a day or two as that is really the best space for them.  You can consult a lawn care company for more tips and information on caring for you bonsai if you need help.

In addition to our landscape maintenance services, Tender Care Lawn Services is happy to help you plan your garden and help you with bonsai selection and aftercare.  Call us today.