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Landscape maintenance services for your soil drainage woes

January 25, 2017
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As an experienced landscape maintenance services company, we know that the rainy weather forecast can mean trouble for a lot of homeowners. From nuisances like squelchy, slippery, mossy ground to bigger problems like patchy areas and foundation issues, improper soil drainage and water pooling can be quite problematic.
Water drainage issues and water pooling could be caused by water collection in low lying areas of your lawn, improper direction of water from your rain gutters, the absence of rain gutters, or even water coming in from neighboring yards.
For homeowners that have resided in their homes for several years, this may be a recurring theme that you’ve attempted to solve using low-tech solutions like digging a trench. Long term, however, these trenches need to be re-dug or reinforced and often the water may simply collect in another area of your yard or cause problems for a neighboring home. For new homeowners, this may be the first time you’re seeing pooling in your lawn and this can be quite alarming. Rest assured, we can help. Our lawn maintenance services team uses a planned approach to resolving your lawn drainage issues correctly the first time around.

Getting the problem assessed by your landscape maintenance services company

The first step in resolving any problem is analysis. Since Louisiana primarily has clay soil, which drains slower, preemptively, it can be helpful to improve the soil. The high water tables are also contributors to poor soil drainage.
Our lawn care services specialists have often visited homes in the rain to see the actual problem in action and ascertain the saturation level of the soil. This is key as it gives us a complete view of what the source of the water is, where the problem areas are, and where the water should be redirected to.
This enables us to calculate how many gallons of water are being taken in per minute. Measuring the square footage of your roof, the pitch line of your roof, and the square footage of your yard, help us determine what type of solution(s) we need to put in place for your yard or lawn.

A well planned long term solution from an experienced lawn care company

Once we have all the details of your home and yard, and have identified the problem areas, we create a landscaping solution just for you. Our skilled landscape maintenance services team has implemented numerous solutions for water logging including redirecting the downspouts of your rain gutters, installing catch basins, implementing the correctly sized pipes for proper water drainage, setting up yard drains, setting up French drains, or even improving your landscaping by putting in plants that take in the excess water.

Our lawn care services specialists provide well thought out, long term solutions that completely alleviate your waterlogging and soil drainage woes.
The rains are here and we are already out and about looking at lawns and providing consultations. We’re committed to our customers and providing solutions.

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