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Ornamental Trees For Your Lawn

December 21, 2016
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Landscaping companies know that trees give a grand look to lawns. Flowering trees are an especially beautiful way to add color and vibrance to your garden. They need a little attention from landscaping companies while growing. But once they’re fully grown you can enjoy their blooms, fragrance, and color, not to mention their shade, and the visitors that they bring.

Some popular flowering trees that landscaping companies recommend are:

Jane Magnolia
This is a long lasting tree with traditional Magnolia semi-evergreen foliage that has fragrant and glossy blooms. Jane Magnolias can grow in most soils ranging from acidic, moist, loamy to sandy, well-drained and rich. They grow quickly in the late spring and reach their full height of about 12 to 15 feet. The flowers make a beautiful combination of pink and purplish on the outside with bright white on the inside. They’re perfect to plant near lamp posts, structures and in the decorative beds.
Eastern Redbud
This is one of the most popular ornamental trees, also known as the harbinger of spring. From acidic to alkaline, sandy and well-drained to clay soils, this tree blossoms in many types of soils and is shade tolerant. With its irregular branching patterns, and small flowers ranging from soft pink to deep magenta clusters, the Eastern Redbud blooms from late winter to early spring. It reaches a height of 20 to 30 feet when fully grown. This tree also gives your lawn a beautiful shade of yellow during the fall season. Landscaping companies consider it one of the best trees to have in your lawn for all seasons.
Cherokee Brave Dogwood
As the name suggests, Cherokee Brave Dogwood is indeed one of the bravest of ornamental trees that stand up to ice, snow, and freezing temperatures comfortably. This is one tree that blossoms all year round which makes it the absolute favorite of landscaping companies and house-owners equally. This tree grows to the height of 20 to 30 feet, and fits perfectly in all types of landscapes. Starting with a unique red color that fades into a white center, the flowers of Cherokee Brave Dogwood vary in every season. From bright red blossoms in the spring to deep maroon in the fall, the foliage gives your lawn a new look every season.
Cleveland Pear Tree
If you’re a lover of white flowers, here’s a great tree for you. Perfectly uniform in nature, it grows in a tight, symmetrical shape and hardly ever needs pruning. Its leaves fill all the gaps giving it a smooth flawless surface of long-lasting pure white flowers every spring. The Cleveland Pear Tree grows to a height of 30 to 40 feet and the foliage changes color from deep green to scarlet, from spring to fall. It can resist cold and snow to a great degree with hardly any maintenance required.
Chocolate Mimosa
The unique color combinations that this tree offers makes it one of the best ornamental lawn trees for a tropical look and feel. Chocolate Mimosa is drought resistant and easy to grow and maintain. It thrives in almost all the varieties of good and poor soils. This tree gives a dramatic combination starting with green leaves and pink clustered blossoms in spring to dark burgundy foliage in summer. Not only does it have enchanting colors but it also attracts birds and butterflies, making your garden more lively.
These are just a few trees that are easy to maintain, offer a lot of colors and beauty, and are quick to grow. They not only fulfill the need of trees in your lawn but also make it spectacular without much effort.
Your lawn care company can guide you on selecting the right ornamental trees for your lawn and can also purchase, plant, and maintain these trees for you.

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