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Ornamental Grasses For Your Lawn

November 14, 2016
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Ah to have a vibrant, colorful lawn year round. Only, we all know that most flowering plants are seasonal and require plenty of TLC. Landscaping companies may recommend ornamental grasses to enable you to add the oomph and appeal you’re looking for. Ornamental grasses are generally low maintenance and are available in a variety of colours, sizes and shapes. Our lawncare services team is happy to guide you on the best options for your garden and can recommend combinations that can help fill the gaps in your lawn.

Ornamental grasses can be very beneficial. Our landscaping company experts tell you how:

  • Low maintenance
  • Landscaping companies know that ornamental grasses can be easily maintained. In fact, they hardly require any kind of lawncare services, so they’re an ideal choice if you don’t have much time to devote to your garden. They grow easily and need just a bit of pruning during their growing season. They are generally quite sturdy and can tolerate hot and dry summers. They need minimal amount of water and care. Ornamental grasses are also very resistant to diseases and pests which is appreciated by busy homeowners. Most annual and perennial varieties are sun-lovers, however a few, like sedges and Hakone grass, thrive better in moist and shady spots. Be sure to talk to your lawn care company about the soil, water, and sun requirements for your grasses.

  • Adjustable
  • In addition to being low maintenance, ornamental grasses are very adaptable in nature and adjust well in natural and designed lawns. You can design your lawn and plant them in different areas including borders or even in the main lawn beds depending on their sizes and shapes. As the seasons change, they gracefully turn from reds, pinks,and whites, in summers to golden yellows, beige and brown in winters, giving a dramatic and refreshing look to your lawn while blending in with the colors of the season.

  • Rapid growth
  • Ornamental grasses are indeed the fastest way to make your lawn beautiful and colorful. They grow so quickly that some of them reach their full height in just a few weeks. On the flip side, this can make them aggressive and invasive at times which needs to be kept in check by your lawn care company. But you can’t deny that they add charm and allure with their foliage, stunning patterns, and dazzling colors.

  • Resilient for all areas
  • Landscaping companies know that these beautiful grasses can even thrive in difficult areas with poor soil condition, rough grounds and steep slopes. They can flourish in smaller lawns, terrace gardens, or even large yards.  With the variety of ornamental grasses available, you won’t be short of options that meet your sun, shade, leaf structure, flowering, or space requirements.

  • Evergreen beauty
  • Ever colorful beauty is what defines the ornamental grasses, the best. Regardless of the season, ornamental grasses have a great appeal. They are strong and resistant to usual climatic problems and stand tall offering endless beauty to your lawn. Whether you need a contrast of colors, a focal point in your lawn, a sturdy border, or a backdrop for other plants, these grasses can make it happen.

  • Other bonuses
  • Talk to your landscaping company, if you want a little more privacy in your lawn, or are looking to shape a special part of your lawn, want to screen out an unwanted view, make your fence denser or give a more sophisticated look to the walls of your home, ornamental grasses come to your rescue. They can be combined with other foliage and can be planted with almost all the plants. They can also be used to form a beautiful pathway between your shrubs, perennials and the lawn.

Whether you’re planning a new lawn or rejuvenating the old one, ornamental grasses can add surprising twist to it all and landscaping companies can help. Your lawn care company can help you choose ornamental grasses that are beautiful, adjustable and low-maintenance in ways that only a few plants can match. If you’re looking for an evergreen lawn with plants that hardly need maintenance, ornamental grasses are worth considering.

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