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Landscaping Company Recommendations: 5 warm season grasses

October 27, 2016
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Your lawn is a natural complement to your surroundings and your home. It can be an outdoor brunch place for a gathering, a playground for your kids and pets, or a place to relax and unplug for your family. Landscaping companies offer a variety of grasses but it’s you who needs to decide what you want for your lawn.
Since every lawn is a little different with different needs, the type of grass turf that thrives the best is usually different.
Here are some of the best ones to fulfill your needs of a warm season grass:
Bermuda Grass
Bermuda grass, also known as couch or wire grass, is a popular turf across the whole of Louisiana. It’s tolerant to drought and some amount of salinity, but not shade. Since Bermuda grass is aggressive in nature, it needs a lot of mowing and generally lies in the category of high-maintenance grasses maintained by a lawn care company. Many types of Bermuda grass varieties are available, ranging from common one that’s suitable for public areas and athletic fields, to the ones that require extremely high maintenance and are ideal for high-end golf courses.
Hybrid Bermuda grasses are the highest-quality turfs and are used in high-maintenance areas. They can be planted using sod, plugs or sprigs.
Zoysia Grass
Zoysia Grass is a warm season grass that enjoys all the seasons of a year but winters. It has both, aboveground stolons and below ground rhizomes which makes it so resistant to harsh weather. Zoysia is highly tolerant to heat, has low lawn mowing and fertilizing requirements and is tolerant, to salt and drought too. It has slightly wider leaf blades with trimmed tips. It is suitable for homes, open grounds, business centers, and parks.
Centipede Grass
Also known as Chinese lawn grass, Centipede is a well-adaptive grass for Louisiana home lawns. It is light-colored with medium-texture. Centipede is popular for its low lawn care maintenance grass. It has a low fertility requirement, grows slowly and is tolerant to acidic soil.
Over-fertilization can result in excessive thatch buildup. It also tolerates little drought and does well in shade. Centipede grass can be grown either with seeds or vegetatively, however, seeding is recommended only for larger areas with irrigation.
St. Augustine Grass
Another well-adapted and popular turf for home lawns is St. Augustine grass, also called Charleston grass. It grows easily and quickly from 4-inch plugs and produces a coarse turf with dark to blue-green foliage. It can tolerate drought and salinity to some extend. But it has more pest problems compared to other grasses such as brown patch disease and chinch bugs.
Now several improved varieties of St. Augustine grass are available with landscaping companies but still the common ones are Raleigh and Palmetto.
Carpet Grass
A native of West Indies, Carpet grass is also known as Louisiana grass as it’s been used in agriculture for a long time In Louisiana. It requires a little fertilizing, persists well in poor soil and tolerates light shade. It is moderately attractive, appears coarse and open centipede with the light green color, and has many characteristics similar to Centipede grass. This makes it a great utility turfgrass that blends well with centipede.
There are several species of carpet grass that grow naturally in Louisiana, but the most attractive ones are grown with the seed of the common type (Axonopus affinis).
Turfgrass selection is critical for its sustainability. It’s recommended to observe your personal needs and availability for maintenance of the turf and then choose the best one for your lawn. The easy way to begin is by recognizing varieties adaptable to your region and looking into the limitations of each variety.

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