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How to take care of your garden in the summer

May 4, 2016
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With the rising temperature of the summer season not just humans but plants also need extra care and hydration. If proper care and precautions are taken, summer can be the best season for your plants, as it’s the time for growth and regeneration. It’s also the time when your plants need attention and nutrition.
Here are some tips that you should follow to help your plants make the best of this growing season:

  1. Water your plants more to make up for the lack of humidity in the atmosphere. Potted plants need special care as they can’t grow deep into the earth to get water. Even though the quantity of water varies according to the soil and plant type, the soil should generally be moist the whole day.
  2. If your pot soil is sandy, mix some amount of clay. Sandy soil dries out easily. Mixing it with clay will help retain moisture.
  3. Weeds love heat, which means they thrive in the hot conditions. When you notice weeds growing in your garden remove them immediately. Weeds are easiest to remove when they are young and the ground is moist.
  4. Cover the top layer of the soil with 5 to 8 cm thick mulch, containing twigs, mowed grass, dead leaves, etc. It will not only provide extra fertilizer for the soil but will also help retain the moisture of the soil.
  5. Potted plants should be kept in a cluster. This way they will face the sun from only one side and lose water only from the external side.
  6. In the summer season, water the plants in the early morning or just after sunset, to avoid evaporation.
  7. Proper pruning of plants should be done to remove extra foliage and avoid extra loss of water through transpiration.
  8. The plant soil should be provided more fertilizer in summer to sustain their high growth and extra energy requirement after the dormant winter season.
  9. When mowing during summer, restrain yourself from setting the blade too low. The more coverage the grass has, the healthier it will be.
  10. In the middle of summer, your annuals and roses may need to have a flower fertilizer applied. This will help boost their performance and give them the best chance of surviving during the colder months. Potassium helps promote flower growth, while nitrogen encourages foliage growth.

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