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How to design a beautiful garden

April 19, 2016
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Designing a beautiful garden can range from low cost creative ideas to costly designer furnishings available in the market. You can start making your garden beautiful with the things you already have at home or consider useless. You just need to be creative with them. While of course, there is no limit to spending on a decorative garden. From French marble to unique art sculptures and water features, you can have them all. In fact, Landscaping companies have a lot of services that can transform your garden into a living, breathing heaven.
Before we opt for a landscaping company, let’s try designing your garden ourselves, where we can spend a little and create wonders. A beautifully designed garden begins with the knowledge of the plants and trees. If you know the colors, flowers and fruits they bear in a particular season, you can have a gala throughout the year.

  1. Mix different color – Splash colors with different flowering plants in your garden. Go for lilies, roses, daffodils, hibiscus, bougainvillea, and other flowering plants that break up the green and provide variety, contrast and focal points.
  2. Hedge designs – Hedges can add a lot to the beauty of the garden. If you have a lot of flowering plants, you can skip the flowering hedges and opt for the evergreen ones. Maintain and trim them well. The ones that change color in different seasons can add a pleasant tone to your garden as well.
  3. Group plants and trees – Want an evergreen or rather ever colorful garden? Grouping is the ideal way. Group plants with different flowering seasons together. There are winter, summer and annual flowering plants and trees. This way you’ll always have some greens and some flowers in every part of your garden. But make sure that one plant shouldn’t be a parasite for the other.
  4. Colorful and designer pots – Using colorful and designer pots is an addition to the garden art. You can either buy or color your existing pots. You can also use dry twigs and jute for rugged look of your pots. These simple yet creative designs make the garden look more lively and beautiful.
  5. Furniture – Table and chairs, benches, cane furniture, there are a lot of options available for garden furniture. Adding some colors to the garden furniture can also be a real draw-card. Always choose to place your furniture near fragrant flowers to enjoy the beauty and engage the senses even further.
  6. Lights – Placing lights creatively can add tons of beauty to your garden. It will also keep your garden illuminated at night.
  7. Pathways and driveways – Pathways and driveways add to the elegance of a garden and give you a clean walkway in rains. Landscaping companies offer many designs and budgets for each type of pathway.
  8. Garden art – Adding some catchy frames, big metal flower pots, cushions to the furniture and some decorative colorful stones to the flower pots are some of the examples of garden art. As long as you’re experimenting, there is no limit. Just keep things fun and creative, but don’t go overboard.
  9. Ornamental designs – As we mentioned in the beginning, garden designing can start with something as irrelevant as a wooden log and can go up to spending thousands of dollars, depending upon your creativity and budget. Water features like fountains, driveways, patios and decks, fencing, parking lots and designer entry ways are some of them.
  10. Simple concepts can make a huge difference to the enjoyment of your garden space. So go on and experiment with all these tips to design your garden your way.

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