Our Landscape Maintenance Services

Tender Care Lawn Service provides landscape maintenance services that go beyond just weekly lawn maintenance. Look through our list of services and let us know how we can help turn your lawn into your own little paradise.


Lawn Care Tender Care Lawn Service | lawn care company
Tender Care Lawn Service provides full landscape maintenance services, but we’re happy to just mow your yard if that’s all you really need. Our standard mowing service comprises of mowing the whole yard, weed eating (or line trimming) around trees, fencing, posts, and other permanent fixtures in the yard, edging along the sidewalks, driveways, and patios using a blade edger and of course cleaning up all the clippings. We generally do mulch as it’s better for your lawn, however, we are happy to bag the grass clippings and remove them from the property upon request.


Fertilization and Weed Control Grass Cutting Services
Turf fertilization produces healthy and beautiful turf that can withstand the rigors of its intended use. To achieve this our turf management program includes a proper fertilization strategy as that is paramount for healthy turf. Our year-round and comprehensive turf management program utilizes the best fertilizers and ensures that you have a beautiful and lush yard. The program also includes weed management and removal to ensure that your garden is weed-free.


Shrub and Hedge TrimmingExpert landscaping companies
Our landscape maintenance services go beyond just mowing the yard. We offer shrub and hedge trimming services as well that maintain the health of your greens and also give your property added curb appeal. Our experienced team will make your lawn the jewel of the neighborhood.


Landscape MaintenanceLandscape Maintenance Services
Looking to sell your home? We’re confident that our landscape maintenance services can increase the value of your house by creating a lasting first impression on buyers. Even if you’re simply looking for a face-lift, our team works with you to understand your garden requirements, make suggestions, and follow through on the maintenance, so that you can enjoy the full potential of your lawn.

New Landscape Installations 
Let us make your yard beautiful with a custom Landscape design.  Our designs are all custom to the that specific home.  Each install is completed by our well trained staff and multiple Licensed Horticulturist. If you have a newly built home or existing home let us handle the Landscape.  Ask about getting a custom design done for your yard. 


Dirt Work
If you’re looking to overhaul your yard in a serious way, you may want to consider our Dirt working team. Our lawn care company also undertakes mini-excavator work, skid steer, and dozer for digging out electrical conduits or plumbing, removal of small shrubs, digging small ponds, or anything else you may desire. We are experienced in the handling of the machinery especially in urban areas, where lighter equipment and skill are equally important in accomplishing the challenge on hand.


Sprinkler System Programming & Repair
Whether you’re looking for a new irrigation system or your current system needs some attention, we’re here to help. Our irrigation and sprinkler specialists are skilled in the latest technologies and can guide you on the best system and setup for your yard. Our expertise ranges from programing your system, repairing it, and even designing and implementing a whole new sprinkler system. We don’t stop there. Our lawn care services team believes in sharing tips on when and how to water your lawn to promote healthy growth and water conservation too.


Concerned we do not offer the service you seek?
Call or email us; and if we're not able to help you, we are happy to recommend service providers that maintain the same standards we do.