Drainage Solutions

Why You Need Strategically Planned Lawn Drainage Solutions

Tender Care Lawn Services assures you that when we come to offer you lawn maintenance and lawn drainage solutions, we really delve into the details. We will walk and analyze the lawn and land and identify problem areas to ensure that any solution we put into place is well thought out and strategic. Our customers know this, and that’s why they implicitly trust us to manage their lawns and gardens for them.

Certain landscaping solutions aren’t always planned for quickly become apparent and even critical such as lawn drainage solutions. Often, a poorly designed landscape, a lack of a proper lawn drainage system, or simply just overwatering can result in flooding.

This can quickly escalate into mossy areas, water pooling, mosquito breeding, patchy grass, waterlogged plants, soil erosion, an influx of weeds, and even worse, foundation problems.
Our lawn drainage solutions ensure that that doesn’t let that happen. Our experienced landscape solutions team will determine the possible problem areas and customize a solution for your yard so that you can ensure that your plants will flourish without the danger of flooding.

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What Lawn Drainage Solutions Are Available For Your Yard

Lawn drainage solutions are discussed with you and are tailored according to your budget, lawn size, elevation, water needs, and after considering high versus low traffic areas, water tables, and many other factors.

Solutions vary from simply doing some dirt work, digging a trench, and reinforcing it, redirecting water runoff from the roof via gutters, downspouts, pop-up emitters, implementing french drains, channel drains, slope drainage systems, catch basins, and even subsurface drainage systems.

All our landscape solutions are planned, designed, and implemented by an experienced team. Our lawn drainage solutions will be discussed and explained so that you understand fully how each solution will alleviate your drainage issues.

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