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Why Your Lawn Needs Irrigation Installation Immediately

Do you need irrigation installation in your lawn?  You certainly do if you want your lawn healthy and looking lush especially during the hot summers.  Installation of an irrigation system in your lawn or garden is ideal and can save you precious time and money every month.

Watering your outdoor plants, trees and lawn can seem to be an easy task and for most people it is.  However, different vegetation can have differing water needs, so before you install a water sprinkler system, you need to do some due diligence.

The kind of lawn irrigation system that you need may not be a standard one.  You should opt for a programmable one so that you can enter particular settings for the time to water and how much water to release.

We guarantee all of our irrigation installation work

Tender Care Lawn Service’s experienced and skilled teams will undertake the installation process including the digging, pipe laying and installation, setting and configuration, testing, and finally re-laying the sod.  We will then arrange with you for regular check-ups and repair of your irrigation system as well as lawn maintenance services.

We document the irrigation installation work including the name and the systems used so that you will not have a hard time in the future should you wish to upgrade or repair the system.  

Since we have the right equipment for the job, we also minimize the time taken for installation and ensure minimum disruption.

In Louisiana most commercial and residential lawns need to supplement the water needs of their grass, trees and shrubs in summer.

Why hire Tender Care for water sprinkler system installation?

Since there are many sprinkler systems in the market, it is good to familiarize yourself with at least a few.  Knowing what kind of system would be ideal for your backyard or front yard is important before you invest in one.  In most cases, your lawn plants largely dictate the irrigation installation since various plants have different water needs.

Our team analyzes your lawn, plants, gradients, and of course your budget, before making any recommendations.  We are also up-to-date on the water regulations in the area. We also map out the water requirements for your plants before installing the system.  You may have plants that are under a shed that do not need a lot of water while plants that are directly in the sun will have different water requirements.  Mapping out and planning such water requirements is important before installing the irrigation system to ensure that no element in your lawn is over or under watered.

A modern water sprinkler system may have additional features that you could take advantage of.  This is an important consideration before purchasing and installing the irrigation systems. These features include timers and heat sensors which can be great additions for your irrigation systems.  The sprinklers will turn on and off automatically by zone and can even sense when your lawn is dry and needs more water.

If you want state of the art irrigation installation for your lawn, whether over-ground or underground, call 337-313-3002 for an estimate, to ask questions, or for more information.